Planning on getting nipple piercings and need advice.?

Im supposed to be getting my nipples pierced soon but i have a few concerns.... Is it ok to use oils of any kind to help lubricate the piercing? Is there anything I can use to temporarily protect my piercing from pool water? (Im a lifeguard, but i RARELY have to do saves) Should I rotate the ring to prevent it from getting stuck? When will I be able to get oral pleasure on my nipples again? I know my piercer should tell me this but I rather know ahead of time and get more than one professional input.

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  1. carrot Says:

    Dont get it done! It will make you seem slutty. It will be uncomfy. Chance of infection equals disgusting nipples for a while/forever.

    And if you dont find something to protect you from pool water, what are you gunna do when someone starts drowning. (It rarely happens, but it happens when you least expect it) You gunna say “I cant save you because of my nipples”? Or jump in save them and the get the piercings infected and have you nipples ruined?

  2. TattySnapKatty Says:

    Ugh, disregard the previous person. They are obviously against piercings, so know nothing about looking after them. Pierced nipples also won’t make you look trashy as they are just generally quite covered by clothing. It is unlikely anyone but your partner will ever see them.

    Oils are not a good idea – they harbor bacteria, which is likely to lead to infection. All you need to do is keep the healing wounds clean. Good piercers will only recomment a salt water solution. Boil one cup of water for five minutes to sterilize it, then add 1.5 teaspoons of sea/rock salt. Allow it to disolve, and the water to cool to room temperature. Salt is a gentle way to clean a sensitive wound – think about if you’ve ever had a bit of a throat infection… Salt water gargle. Not only does it clean, it also stimulates optimal bloodflow to the site/s which aides healing. There is no other need for lubrication.

    In the event that you do need to do a save, the time that you will be in the water is likely to be insignificant. More risk of infection or rejection would come from them being under waterproof gauze or the like. If that does happen, when you get changed, clean them well under warm water, and maybe have some of the salt water solution in your locker just in case.

    Don’t rotate the ring for a while. This will irritate the site, causing more inflamation, and slow the healing process. Gently move side to side when cleaning with salt water, as this allows the salt to get in the wound. Other than that, no. Not for at least a few weeks – your piercer will advise you on this after you have your first routine check up.

    And, bluntly, yes. You will still be able to get pleasure from them. PROVIDED the piercer is a professional and done the piercings right. If however your piercer is inexperienced, there is a risk of reduced sensation. I didn’t have that problem with mine, nor has anyone I know who has made sure they’ve gone to the most experienced and reputable piercer possible.

    Good luck.

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