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I'm really needing more solutions, and am a bit embarrassed that I have no idea what more to try. I'm failing and I hate that. I'm sure my neighbors can be getting just as irritated as me. Original question: So, a lot of you here know I am studying to become a dog behaviorist, and that is why I spend a lot of time here. In this case, I don't know what to do. Experienced people with this behavior issue can hopefully help guide me in what I've been doing wrong. I will not accept answers of "popping, hitting, squirting my dog, or any other kind of negative behavioral reinforcement techniques". ADD: how can I become a dog behaviorist and use negative techniques? Just doesn't seem to go. My Dachshund is vocal and LOUD. We have a fenced yard, he plays with the cat and barks LOUDLY and constantly at her if she is not chasing him. He chases another dog and is very vocal to this dog that does not give in to play. He "begs" from his best friend dog, as she saves her treats or chew sticks, and he is very vocal and demanding, EARDRUM PIERCING demanding to her to give it up. I know Dachshunds are vocal. I am okay with a dog barking at the door, barking because they hear another dog or unusual sound, but this one is so vocal that I can't control these outbursts of vocalization, or at least, I don't know how to. We do think it's cute, for like a minute, but we do our best to hide that we think it's cute. We don't want to encourage the behavior and try to correct it immediately, but he's not really responding to our corrections. ADD: distracting him, rolling him on his side and holding him there until he calms down etc sshhhing him while making him go inside etc.. What are we doing wrong, and how can we tone this down a bit to a normal level that's acceptable? I don't want to raise a spoiled brat, I want to raise a dog who listens. Period. ADD: I am only in the learning phase of my study and right now we are studying human psychology. I can google as much as I want, but nothing beats people responding with real experience of what worked for them. What's your take on spraying with a water bottle? Ideas? What are your techniques? I so hope to get a couple of legit answers here, because I just don't know anymore. Your help is really appreciated! Thanks! Jenny, Amanda, Mandy, whoever you want to change to from day to day, you are reported AGAIN. Seriously, do you ACTUALLY catch anyone to go to your site with your constant cheap advertisement? Why don't you take all the trolls with you this time and DON'T COME BACK! I'm so sick of your crappy adds! Bells, I actually like a lot of your answers. I didn't give you the thumb's down here either by the way. Can you tell me a bit more? I admit that I don't know everything and that's why I'm here, learning. Anyway, A dog behaviorist is the name the Dutch give to an education here for Kynology Dog Trainer. Basically with a year's study I will make this level, but the next level is Dog Behaviorist (don't know how to translate that otherwise) Basically it's dog training and a kind of dog psychology so that you can help people that have behavior issues. Mostly because they themselves apply the wrong techniques to their dogs. Anyway, I'm not offended by your answer, and hope you CAN tell me what you know. Thanks! :-) Oh yes, and I completely agree with you that book learning tells you sh*t! It's helpful with some things, but practical experience is what you need. I already asked that question a while ago and got a really good answer on where I can gain this experience. Still, please, answers... bluebonnetgranny: Good point!

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  1. Bells - Caution! Medieval Training Tools in Use Says:

    Negative techniques?

    How about consequences for certain behaviors? And what in the world is a “dog behaviorist”…people that know and understand dog behavior TRAIN and WORK with dogs and that’s how they learn….reading a book about it is just silly…

    I can’t help you without using “negative” behaviors…I’m not the one to feed my dog for everything he’s done wrong…sorry

  2. Shaelyn Says:

    I have had the same problem with a long haired chihuahua that my roommate has. I do not think that spraying your dog with a water bottle is negative. I found the way to stop the barking was to get a water bottle fill it with water and put a very small amount of vinegar in with it, this does not hurt the dog just irritates it enough so that it knows what it is doing is wrong. after doing it a couple times you wont have to anymore if the dog see’s the water bottle it wont bark or will stop right away. Its not scared of it they just don’t like it. I know many dog trainers that use this technique. I have used it on 3 different dogs the chihuahua being the worst and it has worked every time.

  3. bluebonnetgranny Says:

    Being a Behaviorist means you are aware of all training methods. Don’t immediately discard a specific thing because the day may come to where, what you thought you would never do, is the only thing that will work with a specific dog. There will always be an alternative way.

    Learning the learning process in dog will help you.

    Canine body language

  4. ladystang Says:

    i just start when i bring my puppy home
    i tell them what they are barking at and it is ok
    i tell them to be quiet

    did the same when i baby sat my friends mini doxie. she quit barking unless to tell that someone was at door and then would quit when i answered her.

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