What tattoo would look best in that spot?

I have 14 vaginal piercings that lace up to form a corset. 5 down each labia my hood, two forchets, and a surface piercing at the top. What tattoo would look best at the top of my corset?

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  1. hollywoodstruck Says:


  2. #88?FAN™ Says:

    EWWWW! your a freak!! cant help ya this time…(to scared) :s

  3. AshleyL Says:

    omggg how the **** could you do that

  4. Anthony B Says:

    how about enter at your own risk

  5. Victor Says:

    “Do Not Enter”

  6. happywjc Says:

    a ZIPPER

  7. Camry Says:


  8. Jeneca R Says:

    A flower

  9. nicole [ilk] Says:

    you are one brave girl. lol i cant even think of getting one there. idk about the tattoo. i saw a girl with insert penis here with an arrow, but that seems kinda, not..idk. i dont like it that much. lol. how about enter at own risk? no entry?? idkk. do something you like

  10. beta Says:

    Wow. Your mod sounds amazing. Rock on girl!

    Anyway, without knowing you or your interests or other aesthetics, it’s difficult to feel like I’m recommending anything useful to you, but here’s the ideas I had. When I thought about it I saw perhaps something growing, fractal-esque or plantlike even, unfurling from the top of the corset. Perhaps even something organic but geometric and chaotic. I just feels like bows or hearts or something of that sort would take away from the interesting work you already have done, and it sounds like you want something to enhance it.

    My recommendation would be to consult an artistic friend, or even better find a tattoo artist you trust and whose portfolio you like, and have him/her conceptualize something for/with you. That way you can more easily have a dialogue of ideas and truly create something that would be perfect for you.

    Best of luck!

  11. autjhsn Says:


  12. ??? Says:

    Assuming you are not a troll…

    No one on this forum will take you seriously, a lot of people on here cannot understand the basic concept of tattoos and will definitely not understand the concept of vaginal piercings. Try a forum on a piercing and tattoo website, you won’t get any serious answers here for sure.

    And I was thinking…what about a bow to go with the corset piercings?

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