Toung Web piercing or hip piercing?

Okaay so i have 6 ear piercings, one is a plug.i also have my belly pierced, so i was just wondering what hurts more a web toung piercing or a hips surface piercing? i plan on getting this doen by the way. thanks

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  1. KieuTrang Says:

    i prefer only getting my ears peirced and nothing else


    My friend got her hip pierced and she said it was hell. Not the actual “getting it done part”, but the weeks after. Clothes irritate the piercing, she couldn’t sleep comfortably, and just any other day to day activities were a hassle.

  3. ?????ravenann????? Says:

    They both will have different types of irritation. Tongue piercings don’t hurt as much as expected, but they are sore and uncomfortable for a few days. On the bright side of them, they tend to heal quite quickly. Surface piercings are harder to maintain and heal and normally they end up growing out so they are temporary. You also would have to worry about clothing snagging and pulling on it. The piercing itself isn’t too bad (most aren’t), but the healing process can be a pain.

  4. dead friend Says:

    surface piercings are dangerous because they are very likely to rip out and clothing will bother it and help pull it and you use your hip alot more than you think. your better off with the web. its just safer, but if you want to risk it, pierce that hip!

  5. Hug It Out Says:

    it depends how tolerant you are, the tongue one will hurt, but the pain will be faster then it would be for the hip piercing. i think that the hip one is cuter tho.

  6. metalhead333 Says:

    tongue web is painless
    any surfce piercing is painful and way risky
    email me if you want any info on the tongue web :)

  7. cheap_love69 Says:

    I personally had my tongue web pierced…
    it grows out falls out so easy a waste of money i think..
    but i am getting my hips pierced on Friday and yeah well see how that goes yay!!!…

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