Is it okay to use ear care antiseptic on my belly button piercing?

Yesterday I got my belly button pierced & was wondering if I could you the ear piercing cleaner i got for my ears on my belly?

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  1. Megan Says:

    Yeah, its okay. Its just a cleaning solution. It can’t hurt it.

  2. RenegadeAngel Says:

    No, the “ear care solution” the mall gives you is not good for piercings.

    Use sea salt soaks:

    1/4 tsp non-iodized sea salt + 1 cup warm water, poured into a shot glass or Dixie cup, held to your piercing.. lay down for 10-15 minutes and let soak. Rinse well with warm water afterward. Do this 2-3 times a day.

    Or you can use clear, unscented, antibacterial hand soap once a day in the shower. There is no need to turn your jewelry during this, it actually prevents healing.

  3. Starlynx Says:

    You can use it, but your belly button is a lot harder to heal than your earlobes so you may end up with an infection (that’s what happened to me the first time I pierced my belly button and I ended up having to take it out). The second time I got mine done I used the antibacterial soap called hibitane and this worked for me. I also used hibitane when I got the cartilage of my ear pierced and it worked then too. Since then I’ve had both my nose and lip done, at a different studio, and they recommend using a sea-salt water solution called H2Ocean to clean it, which so far has worked the best for me – I haven’t had any issues at all with my nose or lip. You can either buy this solution or just mix your own out of sea salt and warm water.
    Good luck with your healing :)

  4. LilCsLilHottie Says:

    you can but i wouldn’t do it cause it might make it very irriated. just when you get a shower soap up a rag and then squeeze the rag on your stomach and push up and down 3 times and then let clean water hit it and push up and down again 3 times and keep doing that n till its fully healed.. mine is 4 yrs old and i still do it to this day!

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