How should i persuade my parents for a piercing?

I'm wanting my belly pierced, but my parents won't let me, because they think it's disgusting, but they said i could have my ears pierced. So i'm gonna go get my lobes pierced and another piercing above the lobe one. But i am still wanting to have my belly pierced. How could i persuade my parents to have it pierced?

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  1. Ashton Janae Says:

    Uhh idk girl. I’ve been trying to persuade my mother for months to let me get one. Try telling them about all the wonderful things you do (i.e. in school, home, family) and do all the research ahead of time and maybe find some statistics on belly piercings Ooo or write an essay. Parents like that stuff since it shows your dedication. If all else fails, just wait until your 18 kiddo.

  2. ellexaaah Says:

    You should get your ears pierced first and see how your body reacts to piercings. It is a bad idea to have a serious one, like the bellybutton, as your first piercing.

  3. mirrr Says:

    just get it done without them knowing lol. my friend did that last year n her mom still doesnt know….and just tell them when u think theyre ready to hear it lol…

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