What piercing would look better on a guy ?

i am planning on getting either an Eyebrow piercing or Tongue piercing. What looks more attractive & what is more worth it ?

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  1. Mackenzie Says:

    neither they are both unattractive.

  2. Anne H Says:


  3. Muslim Not Mushrik Says:

    Piercings on males is wrong and also does not look good. This is a female attribute, to do piercings, and it’s totally fine for females. But not for males, as this is imitation of the opposite gender, as goes against male qualities.

  4. thatonefreakinggirl Says:

    Depends on the girl/guy(whoever finds you attractive) and how the guy looks.
    Tongue piercing you don’t always see though and sometimes eyebrow piercings look bad, so it depends.

  5. Cheyenne Says:

    I don’t think any piercing is superior to one gender. You find different people make many piercings look good. I do like eyebrow piercings on guys though. The tongue would be useful for oral sex ;) if you’re straight, you could ask them to pierce it closer to the tip so that it makes cunnilingus better.

  6. Natalie_Xx9 Says:

    ew, non they make me think of the pain you go through. if anything though the eyebrow, i wouldnt want that nasty thing when i kiss a guy

  7. Mouth Of The Unknown Says:

    depends on your features but I suggest eyebrow.

  8. LRK Says:

    Some guys can rock out an eyebrow piercing, but not everyone can pull it off. Tongue piercings are definitely attractive and will get you more sexual attention. Haha. But, tongue piercings are also better for work wise because they are hidden. It really just depends. If you can, buy some of the illusion jewelry and try it out that way to see which one you feel looks more appealing.

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