how can i get rid of nose piercing infection?

im not sure if its an infection but when i pierced my nose i did it myself with a sterilized needle. it doesnt have a bump but it is really purple around the piercing. is there anyway of fixing this?

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  1. Kim B Says:

    first clean it out withh vinegar and then put baking soda in it

  2. Tiff Says:

    when i got my belly button pierced it got infected because i never cleaned it. First i dis-infected it with peroxide (you can use rubbing alcohol too) then every night i would get a shot glass full of warm water and sea salt and let it soak on my piercing, it helped and worked really quickly.

    if it gets any worse than it is now after you started to treat it with what ever method you choose too, i would definitely see a doctor.

  3. deepsoul20 Says:

    Yep, it’s infected. Go to a doctor for antibiotics. Whatever you do, just don’t take the jewelry out. A closed up piercing can result with an infection under the skin. Not a good idea.

  4. Ash! Says:

    go buy yourself some H2Ocean… they usually sell it at the piercing place. It’s a miracle in itself.

  5. Cailz Says:

    Try using a bottle of antiseptic on it (the savlon spray is really good) but make sure it is a spray bottle so the wound doesn’t have to be touched. Give it a week or so to take effect and see if it makes any difference, if not go to your doctors as you may need antibiotics to clear up the infection.

  6. briseyda Says:

    buy Neosporin !!!

    it really works !
    trust me, one time my lip piercing got infected and i tried a bunch of things but then my mom got me neosporin and it disinfected like in 3 days !

    get it at cvs :]

  7. colin o Says:

    Sounds infected.

    Best way to take care of it is to do soaks with a mixture of non-iodized sea salt and water at least twice daily, in addition to hot compresses to draw the infection out.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT remove the jewelry. Leaving the piercing open allows the infection to drain. If you remove the jewelry, the piercing can trap the infection inside and this can lead to an abscess.

    If things get worse with the infection, visit a doctor to get antibiotics prescribed.

  8. Lalala Says:

    I bet it’s infected.You need to go see your nearest professional piercer. They will know what is best to do. For god’s sake do not put vinegar on and then baking soda.It might be some weird bruising if you have not used a proper piercing needle that’s hollow.
    Be careful about seeing a doctor because I swear they just say take it out and this is dangerous because if the hole closes over then the infection will get trapped inside and will be really hard to treat.
    Maybe you should see a few different people, to see what your best option is.

    Good luck, and please don’t self pierce in the future. Hopefully you will have your piercings for a long time, and even nose piercings need to be done properly to be healthy. I hope your’s heals up after this though. I hate having to leave piercings heal over!

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