Whats the ear piercing called thats on the top part of the ear?

Whats the ear piercing called thats on the top part of the ear? Does it have a proper name? Is it flesh or cartlidge? Thanks, I'm not sure what i should be asking for when I get it done. I've seen people with them, studs on the top parts of their ears. So yes, thanks.

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  1. Mixed Family Mom Says:

    I believe its just called Cartlidge piercing.

  2. ??3Y3*C4NdY?? Says:

    I just know that it’s called a “PIERCING” no duh! LMAO!

  3. my daddy's account Says:

    it’s a bone and it is called the cartilage my friend miceala got her cartilage periced she said it hurts more after you get it done then before. especially when someone hits it

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