If I do sit-ups every day after I get my bellybutton pierced, will it reject/seriously hurt?

I'm getting a bellybutton piercing Monday, and i'm pretty flat-stomached I guess, I just have a little bit of flab. If I do sit-ups ( and clean the piercing a lot, duh ) will it hurt REALLY bad, become really red, and/or reject?

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  1. Anawalt Says:

    Don’t do sit-ups while your piercing is healing. One of the causes or rejection and scaring is the skin being pulled tight and moved around. The naval is usually considered a safe place because it’s not a surface piercing, but that much moving will bother it. Plus, you’re already going to be catching it a lot on things already, it’s best to avoid causing more damage.

    Just put a band aid over the top when you sleep to avoid catching it and don’t aggravate it. Just remember this is going to be an open wound.

  2. Desirae Says:

    well it’s going to be sore no matter what you do but it just depends on your body, and yes do not do sit ups while its healing that will make things worse

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