what will happenn if u get a tongue ring?

i got a tongue ring 5 days ago and i want to know when can i change it? and when will it heals? and what is the fast way? i what to know every thing.

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  1. Janie J Says:

    you will have a ring in your mouth lol.

  2. alice Says:

    you need to clean it two to three times a day with saltwater (1/4 teaspoon of non iodized sea salt in 8 oz of water) by sloshing it around in your mouth for a few minutes.also clean it after you eat. you should get a new toothbrush cuz old ones have all sorts of bacteria. you can suck on ice to help with swelling and pain. it should take 6-8 weeks to heal up and even after that, you should be careful with it.

  3. jovaen Says:

    Ok first of all you should of asked the person who pierced your tongue all this information. Also they should have given you all that information. But you can not change your ring for 4-6 weeks and it will take about that long to heal. I have had my tongue pierced for seven years.There isn’t really a fast way to heal it- you just cant smoke, do oral sex, and stuff of that nature.You need to rinse your mouth out with salt water, also with mouthwash. But if you have any questions and concerns you need to contact the place that pierced your tongue.

  4. Jessi Says:

    H2 Ocean Sea salt rinse. i got venoms(2 tounge rings) and my tounge was healed up in less than a week completeley. Rinse after you eat, smoke, drink. etc also wash with half listerine and half water constantly that should do the trick

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