How do I know when a cartilage piercing is healed?

I would like to know how tell when a cartilage piercing is done healing. I have tried to find out how long it takes and there is seems to be a wide variety of answers in the amount of time it takes, so I would just like know how to tell when mine is done - like what to look for. I have a conch piercing. Thank you.

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  1. Some1special Says:

    Give it about four weeks. Keep it clean to avoid infection. During the period of healing, it gets easily irritated, so after about three weeks, if it is healing correctly, the lack of the itching sensation should indicate that it is close to healed up.

  2. Little Monster. Says:

    It will usually take six months-ish to settle down. A good thing to look out for is when you stop getting crusties on it, but at 6 months it’s still not healed all the way – I mean it could take a year before you can leave the jewellery out for a while over a few minutes.

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