Lip piercing question

Hello, I recently got the middle of my lip pierced. I have been looking after it as I have been told too ( Antibacterial mouthwash, ibuprofen and these alcohol wipes for the outside of the piercing) But there is one thing I have noticed. I have no swelling of the lip yet which is great, but on the inside of my lip I have noticed that there is a split on the first layer of skin where the jewelery goes through my lip. Is this because the first layer of skin on my lip is thin? or is there something wrong? Bearing in mind that the woman who pierced it is fully qualified to do so and put in a bioflex labret/bar/stud to help the healing process,  but the bar is long which she said is good in case my lip swells, I get the bar shortened in a few days. But for the time being, I find it difficult to eat as the  bar has room to move around as it is long, it then catches on my tooth a bit and scrapes along my gum a bit, when it is shortened down will this stop? and is the small split on the inside of my mouth normal?  Thanks a lot! xxx

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