How should a Monroe piercing look after 3 weeks of having it done?

I got a Monroe piercing about 3 weeks ago. It still a little swollen and red.But my main concern is that right under the ball of the jewelry the skin is swollen, red and it is white,no puss is coming out its just water once in a while.Im cleaning it and still doing the salt soaks.Is this normal?

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  1. Cayden Ryan Says:

    Stop the salt soaks for now, that will be causing the red and puffiness, use a different type of piercing cleaner on it that has less harsh affect, you might experience almost like a yellow crust for several weeks due to your skin trying to “purge” the in-perfection from your body.

  2. K0OTA BANGq.* Says:

    that’s not normal. and it doesn’t take 3 weeks for that piercing to heal. it takes about a week, 2 weeks tops. and if you see a bubble under your piercing that means it is infected and you need to take it out.

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