What is the appropriate age for a little girl to get her ears pierced?

I have 3 daughters age 9, 8 and 4. They all want to get their ears pierced but I think they are too young. I've seen little babies with earrings and I think it looks so tacky and makes me want to cry! Are my kids old enough? What do you think is the appropriate age?

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  1. FamousSAS Says:

    both my sisters had theirs pierced when they where around 8 months old. why is it tacky there just studs nothing fancy jeez grow up

  2. dreamBIG11 Says:

    well my mom had mine done when i was 6months old so i wouldnt remember it…
    but ya i think they are totally wayy old enough to do it!

  3. Brennan B Says:

    I think you could let the 8 and 9 year olds get their ears pierced but i don’t think that the 4 yr old would be able to handle it. That’s my opinion. Hope this helped!

  4. childofgod2472006 Says:

    to tell you the truth I have not got my ten moth old babys ears periced I cant even watch her get her shots lol but to me I would wait tell there 13 thats when I was alowed

  5. dueinoctwith#3 Says:

    When they are old enough to ask for the piercings themselves and help take care of them (usually around 5 years and up) then they are old enough to have them done. They need to understand that it will hurt and that they have to keep them clean.

  6. alice Says:

    I think wen women pierced babies ears its terrible, but i asked my mum wen i was 3 if i cud hav my dun and she said yes and i didnt cry at all but i do deal wit pain well, I wud jus take them u never no how they r going 2 feel until they get it dun.

    Good Luck xxx

  7. no2censors Says:

    i have seen it on newborns and i’m fine with that. then again i gave my daughter her first tattoo at age 14 so……………..it is all based on what you think is best.

  8. Miss Manda Panda Says:

    I think as soon as they are 13 they can get their ears pierced. It’s a wright of passage in my family. They enter into the teenage world, and they’re old enough to clean they’re ears.

  9. tacori_rose Says:

    i had mine done when i was a little baby..and i did my daughters..i think your girls are old enough..having pierced ears is cute and was way for them to feel pretty..getting them pierced is not in any way frowned apon..your girls will look very cute..do it!!

  10. Wiss Says:

    You need to lighten up. My daughter had her ears pierced before she was 1, she didnt cry at all. How is it tacky? I think it’s more tacky that you are preventing your daughters from having the fun of being a girl and feeling pretty with your earrings in. Loosen up.

  11. alicialions Says:

    This is nothing but a matter of opinion. Yours as their parent is the only one that matters. If you feel that they should wait to a certain age then tell them so and stick to that. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. Personally, I think it is fine as we had our daughters ears peirced when they were two and yes, lots of people get their daughters ears peirced at 6 months, yet many others refuse to allow it until their daughter is 15 or 16. It’s all opinion. You don’t think it’s ok so that is what you should tell your kids. You are the mom, you should teach them your values.

  12. kYaNA Says:

    i got mine wen i was a baby. i think the appropiate age starts at 3 and if ur ten and sitting in the chair ready to get urs pierced ur a little to old for that chair. but i would get them done if i were you. How cool would it be to say me and all my sisters got our ears pierced on the same day. i mean thats awesome! :-)

  13. Ella D Says:

    I think around 9 or 10 is an appropriate age. I agree with you I also don’t like when I see babies with their ears pierced.

  14. sk8rpunk1362 Says:

    Well, if they really want them it’s technically up to you you are the parent but if you decide it’s okay you might want to explain to them that it might hurt a little.
    To me the appropriate age seems to be around 6 or 7 when they are kinda into school I’m not sure why but it just seems like a nice age, I mean girls start to get into jewelry and want to be like mommy but want their own.

  15. mancdnace Says:

    babies can get little studs. its so adorable. nothing wrong with it.

    every girl in my family has had their ears pierced by the time they were 2. i didnt have mine until i was 3.

    they are JUST earrings. you are lucky thats all they want. its really not a big deal. lighten up al ittle.

  16. Ms_S Says:

    I was 5. I think 5 is ok. Younger than that I agree with you, especially seeing as these children might not understand and yank at them. And my mum gave me sleepers and studs to wear…and plastic ones. I didnt start wearing serious dangle earrings until I was like 15 or 16.

  17. erinjl123456 Says:

    I did my kids ears at young ages.
    My 9 y.o had hers done at 11 days.
    My 7 y.o had hers done at 3.5 years old.
    My My 3 y.o had hers done at 6 m.
    My mother waited until we asked to get them done. I was 3-4 years old when I got mine.
    I don’t know when I will do my babys ears.

  18. waterchica999 Says:

    Most girls I know have had their ears pierced near birth
    I wish my mom would have done it then so I wouldn’t have had to go threw the pain of it now and remember it.
    But you should just wait until they ask for it.
    At any age its basically ok

  19. Pink Gal Says:

    I believe that they are all old enough to get their ears pierced. I had mine pierced before i was one and i do not this it is tacky if a young child has small, simple studs.
    Getting your ears pierced is painless. Maybe you should let them get their ears pierced and if you, or they, don’t like it just take them out and the holes will close up.

  20. saini praveen Says:

    Any age before 11.OK

    Before the AGE 11.
    Those who had piercings at 11 years of age were more likely to develop keloids (80%) than were those who had piercings at <11 years of age (23.5%).
    Conclusions. Keloids are more likely to develop when ears are pierced after age 11 than before age 11

  21. china_cat84 Says:

    I know the feeling! I hate seeing little babies with their ears pierced. I think it’s awful doing something like that to someone without their say-so and babies can’t talk! And ear piercing isn’t medically necessary.

    I had my ears pierced at age 6. My sister had hers done when she was six. My daughter will have hers done at the same age, if she wants, but no earlier. The older a girl gets, the more difficult it becomes for her. Case in point: A friend of mine never got her ears done because her mom wouldn’t let her do it until she was 13. By the time she was 13, she was too scared.

    I know ear piercing isn’t that big of a deal, but it is to a little girl. They want to be like their friends and wear pierced earrings and be cool. So I think the age range of between 6 and 8 is best. Any younger than six is too young for me. And it will be difficult for her to wait longer than 8 or 9 because 99% of her friends will have pierced ears by then.

    However – just an FYI – try not to go to one of those places in the mall that pierce with a gun. In fact, don’t have their ears pierced by a gun at all. Go to a professional piercing studio. It’s a well-known fact that you can’t completely clean a piercing gun so the holes can become very infected, easily. And when you have your ears pierced with a needle, by a professional, it hurts A LOT less. And they use gloves. And disenfectant. And the needles are sterlized completely in an autoclave.

    Good luck!

  22. megadisc Says:

    their just fine for their age
    mothers know best

  23. svenskamama Says:

    It’s a personal thing. I had my girls done as infants. This way they are all healed and can be taken out once they get older. If they play sports for sleeping etc. It’s not like they wearing big gawdy hoops, just tiny studs. Since you have waited I would make it a rights of passage thing. Something they can get done when they turn 10.

  24. Andrew G Says:

    My daughters didn’t get their ears pieced until they were 14 (-ish) because my wife OK’d it – I’d have made them wait until they were 16. (That was in the early 80′s) I agree that 9 is too young but couldn’t really say what is the right age. Probably around 12?

    I agree, ear piercings on very young children can look tacky.

  25. Princess...<3 Says:

    I don’t believe babies should have their ears pierced. On a recent trip to america I was in a jewellery store and i witness a baby getting her ears pierced and she screamed and it looked, as u said, tacky. I was disgusted.
    I got my ears pierced on my eighth birthday and I think that was a perfect age. I was old enough to make the decision for myself and also able to look after them.
    It’s up to you completely, but I’d say 8-10yrs old is a good age to let them.

  26. shayna Says:

    i got my daughters ears pierced when she was 2 weeks old. i never was able to get my first hole until i was 5 or 6 years old. i was 9 or 10 when i got my second holes, and i was 13-14 years old when i got my cartilage done.

  27. *Lucky* Says:

    Any age.
    They are old enough.
    Its ear rings, something all little girls should have, its not like they are asking for slutty clothes.

  28. Mathew T Says:


  29. yorkie Says:

    i had mine done when i was 9, my sister was 5.
    i think if they ask and understand that it will hurt for a few days and are not likely to put an earring in their mouth if it comes out, then that is ok.

    i also think the same for boys. if they ask, (not answer yes to your question) and are responsible enough to not pull it out, then they can have it done.

  30. VB Says:

    I don’t like seeing little babies with pierced ears, either. Your daughters aren’t babies anymore, though.
    I had my daughter’s ears pierced on her 4th b-day. She asked. Once they’re actually old enough to ask, then it would be okay, providing that YOU’RE okay with it.

  31. cherry6484 Says:

    its not tacky i had my ears peiced at 8 months acuttally its better for kids to be young because it seems to hurt less. i think your kids are all an aproppite age.

  32. princesscolerful Says:

    8 and 9 seem like a good age but not 4 .

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