Why aren’t my nipples very sensitive?

I know this is kind of a sexy question but I really want to know. I've never really asked my girlfriends about theirs but I just wish my nipples felt more sensitive. I've even gotten them pierced a few years ago and that didn't really do much. My boobs are borrrring.

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  1. The Champ Says:

    Hard to say, you should post pictures, or just come let me take a look and we’ll get to the bottom of this!

  2. ItsBitzo Says:

    Some women are just like that. Women have different levels of sensitivity, and there’s not really much you can do about it. I’m not sensitive either…. wish I was, but there’s no way to fix it.

  3. mor e Says:

    it’s in your DNA.

  4. Hellogoodbye Says:

    Well, if your breasts are large,
    usually the sensitivity in the nipples is less. ?

  5. carboluver Says:

    Most breasts do have nerve endings around the nipple area. Maybe you will need more stimulation like gentle biting or squeezing.

  6. ?Recyclable_Condom? Says:

    I never knew questions could be sexy, I guess you proved me wrong.

  7. John Says:

    While pierced nipples are very sexy, they do not guarantee extra sensation. Some girls just don’t have the ability to get any pleasure out of their nipples at all, even pierced. Other girls can get excessive, sometimes even unwanted, sensation. It varies greatly. Sorry. Some people who can’t get sensation have to go to extreme measures to get it, like BDSM.

    Finally, your breasts will never be boring. Not when you have your nipples pierced! If you have any more questions on your piercings, you’re welcome to e-mail me.

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