I’ve asked this question before but I’m looking for more answers. Do you have a rook piercing?

do you have a rook piercing? im looking into getting on when i go out for the day on monday. what was your experience? did it take longer for the needle to go through compared to other piercings? did you start out with a curved barvell or a captive bead ring? what looks better in your opinion and what is better for the healing process?? (i would think a curved braebell)? did you have any complications? how long did it take to heal? how long was it sore for? (months) i have 2 cartilage piercings on each side of my ear (they are 3 months old) and are still sore when i wake up. (yes i got them done at a pierce studio! lol) so what was your experience alltogether?? thank you! i know its alot of questiong but i cant find that much information about it on the internet. i dont know how ill make it through though. i thought my catilage piercings hurt alot.....lol i hear this is one of the more painful piercings next to tragus.. =) thank you though~! http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Rook_Piercing i think it looks better wiht a captive bead ring but would it be better healing wise for a barebell?

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  1. Terri R Says:

    What and where is a rook? Seriously.

  2. pilotdvr Says:

    I think that piercings, when limited to the ear o bellybutton, are very attractive….especially the rook piercing. In some ways it is more attractive than the normal lobe piercing.

    So, at least if you are interested in attracting me, I would say g for it! Just don’t pierce any other part of your face…those piercings are definate turn offs

  3. bettierage Says:

    I think the captive bead rings look cute, but it depends on the person…

  4. Size 5 Says:

    It took mine up to 6 months to heal, this is what i used to help the healing Erythromycin Topical solution, I have 3 do captive bead ring, on all of them and u should be fine!!!!!

  5. AVA B Says:

    What is a rook???

  6. Angela Says:

    Yes!!! I have a rook piercing.
    My experience: It was my 18th birthday last June. I decided another cartilage piercing would look nice. I went with my good friend to our local piercer, signed the papers with a smile, and BAM! Bring the pain! The needle did not take longer to go through; it all happened so fast, I didn’t even REALLY feel it til about 2 minutes later; then, I almost fainted. I have tattoos, on my feet, and on my rib cage, and I’d say this piercing hurt more, in total, from the soreness I experienced for the next couple months. Cleaning it was more painful then the actual piercing, in my opinion. I started with the curved barbell, and due to the location and curvature of my ear, it’s practically impossible to take out, (think two people with pliers), so a captive ring is out of the question. I take a long time to heal, I’d finally say now, that after 7 months, it’s healed. It never got infected, per say, but it did ooze for at least 5 months. The only difference between my ears is that area is slightly larger than on the pierced side. I love it, and I get people all the time who are impressed by it, either with “Wow! That hurt!” or “Cool! That’s something I don’t see very often!” I don’t regret it in the slightest, even though it hurt…ALOT. I work in a professional office and my employers never even noticed it until I showed them. It’s a piercing more on the “extreme” side, but not too showy. My best friend has a tragus, and she said it didn’t hurt at all. All and all, I recommend it if you want something unconventional, will be responsible enough to take care of it and keep it clean, and have a high pain tolerance!

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