Why is my friends hip piercing red?

I pierced my friend's hip yesterday, and now it's red and it hurts when she moves.... What's going on with it?

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  1. LoveIsBlind:) Says:

    Well, you pierced it. Probably didn’t know what you were doing. Also probably not a professional.
    Its the healing process so of course its going to hurt, even when she moves. Its on her hips for crying out loud.

  2. Jovahny Says:

    Signs of rejection are redness, pain, swelling, etc. It seems like normal healing to me. Surface piercings/dermals (whichever you have) take many months to heal, and some never actually do. It all depends on the person/location of the piercing/how well it was pierced. Don’t worry about it. If it get’s crusty, it could be puss which leads to infection. Overall, it’s normal. Mines healed in a month.

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