Does getting my vagina pierced hurt?

I was thinking of getting it pierced but I don't want it to hurt to much. Also does getting your nipples pierced hurt?

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  1. Jessica Says:


  2. Thomas Says:

    Of course it hurts. You’re stabbing a metal spike through two of the most sensitive areas on your body.

  3. Michael Torrence Says:

    PLEASE DON’t,you’ll get infected and you vagina will go black and it cost a LOAD to cure!!!
    also very very sore and a BIIIIG turn off!

  4. My providence Says:

    nipples and vagina hurt like a bitchh. make sure you go to a clean place so your nips and vag. don’t get infected.

  5. peacelove.?? Says:

    this made me laugh

  6. Maddie ? Says:

    that is atchually disgusting. I just puked a little!

  7. dust Says:

    Not much; what WILL hurt – though – is the infection you may get afterwards. Either from a viral source, a bacterial source or God knows what source, because you will expose flesh without the care of the skin supposed to protect us as an armour all around.

    If you want to sacrifice looks (I hardly can imagen who could LOOK inside there) for an hepatitis A.B,C or any other letter, or a viral infection such as the Papilloma that causes cervical cancer, who knows…it might be worth, what do you think? Wanna gamble?

  8. Matt_1974 Says:

    Yes it will hurt like a b itch but worth it if thats what you want to do.

    Obviously get it done professionally at a place with an excellent rep.

    Keep them clean.

    your vag will NOT go black ! (dumb persons answer)

  9. JPito Says:

    As far as I know, you can’t really pierce your vagina, seeing as it’s just the canal leading from the outside of your body to your uterus (the closest you could get would be a hymen piercing or a fourchette, but I doubt that’s what you’re referring to)…

    So are you talking about a clitoral hood piercing? Vertical and horizontal clitoral hood piercings (aka VCHs and HCHs) are probably the most common female genital piercings. I don’t have mine done, but from what I’ve read, they actually don’t hurt as much as most people think. The clitoral hood is such a thin piece of tissue and the general rule is, the less flesh you have to go through, the less the piercing hurts. I’ve mostly heard it described as a quick, sharp pinch and then that’s it. They also heal fast and easy.

    The other two common female genital piercings are outer and inner labial piercings. Both offer no added sexual stimulation and are typically done for aesthetic reasons. Like clitoral hood piercings, inner labial piercings heal very quickly; outer labial piercings, on the other hand, take 2-3 months to fully heal as the piercing is through much more tissue.

    Nipples typically do hurt quite a bit and can be b!tches to heal; it commonly takes upwards of a year for nipple piercings to fully heal. However, don’t let a fear of pain stop you from getting a piercing that you really want. All piercings hurt and they’re all fussy to begin with. But as long as you have the dedication and desire to care for them, you’ll be left with beautiful jewelry adorning your body.

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