Why do they use a straight needle to pierce your belly button?

I've always wondered, because the jewelry is curved. So why is the needle straight?

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  1. cu?c?кe Says:

    A curved needle wouldn’t work. Think about it…

    The needle needs to go straight through one end and out the other. A curved needle wouldn’t go straight through, thus the piercing wouldn’t turn out right. It would even make getting the piercing take a bit longer. Yes, the jewelry is curved, but that’s mainly because of all the movement that goes on in the tummy area from twisting, bending down, and sitting. A straight barbell would irritate the piercing and wouldn’t sit right. Curved barbells just fit more naturally.

  2. ??????? ?Daisy Mae? ??????? Says:

    Have you ever seen a curved needle? it’s like a 90 degree angle.

  3. the5thkidd Says:

    They use a straight needle because they’re only piercing the surface of your skin, though the jewelry may be curved, it fits in the needle and can be followed through.

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