Anti-tragus Piercing

Top greatest movies connected with 2011

Real Steel The best motion pictures in 2010 tend to be loaded with measures they usually glance for the potential along with one too will be True Material. This is usually a superb dvd this celebrities Hugh Jackman whom has the supporter while in the enjoyment marketplace nonetheless he or she hasn’t had the opportunity [...]

A rook and anti-tragus. Whats the usually pain level for two piercings in one day?

I want to get my rook and anti-tragus pierced in the same day but I’m not too sure how much it will hurt. Whats the average pain level? [i know everyone's is different but there has to be an average] Also should I get them on different ears or the same ear/ I have my [...]

If I get my anti-tragus pierced, will my lobe earrings look cluttered?

I have two holes on my lobes, and I have my cartilage pierced on my left side. I want to get my anti-tragus done on my right side, but will it become too cluttered next to my 2nd holes? Like, I’ve looked at pictures and it looks like I’m cutting it close. Or can you [...]

I got a bubble on my anti tragus piercing. ?

Recently i went to my doctors office and he gave me 3 weeks worth of anti biotics cuz a bubble on my anti tragus had grown and it was in terrifying pain and it was bad and the anti biotics helped bring the size of it down but a bit of the bubble is still [...]

How the frick do I take my anti-tragus (cartlige peircing) out?

Here’s a pic of where it is (not my ear btw): Do I turn one of the little balls left or right? How do I get it off? My ear is getting really rank and infected and I don’t know how to take the piercing out.

Anti Tragus Piercing Help!! (Pics)?

My Anti Tragus Recently puffed up and got red bubbles. I put in a circular barbell so it has more room. And I have been cleaning it daily with H2Ocean and I just got some sea salt so I can do soaks. I also put in Tea Tree Oil. But its not going back to [...]

If you have a snug/anti-tragus/rook piercing, how long did you wait to change the earring?

I have a snug piercing, and I want to change the bar because the one he put in it is way too big. I’ve had it almost 2 monthes, but I’m afraid to change it, lol. It’s still a tiny bit sore if it catches on anything. Do you think it would be alright if [...]

is it normal that my anti tragus piercing (cartilage) still hurts after a month?

Any info on an anti-tragus piercing?

I want this piercing pretty bad. I’ve heard weird rumors about it though. I heard it’s the most painful of ear piercings… is that true? I pinch mine and it doesn’t hurt NEAR as bad as pinching my tragus. Any advice would be awesome. If you’re gonna be a butt wrinkle because you don’t like [...]

what is the worst piercing, snug rook anti tragus or forward helix?

i want these four piercings but im not sure which one to have first, obviously from the less painful leading up to the most painful but i was just wondering if anyone could tell me which ones hurt in order or whatever? i have some piercings already; scaffold bar, tragus, both bottom at the ear [...]