Anti-tragus Piercing

my anti tragus piercing is still not healing!!?

I had my anti tragus pierced about 3 months ago, the piercer said to me after about 3 weeks the swelling will go down and you can get a smaller bar fitted. Three months down the line it is still as swollen as ever and still as painful as ever!! Any advice? | have used [...]

Irritated Anti-Tragus Piercing.?

I got my anti-tragus pierced about a month and a half ago. It sure is taking its time healing, but all was fine up until recently, when a small bump appeared behind the top hole. It looks like a pimple/blister. It is a little red and bleeds a little bit, however there is no puss [...]

should i get my anti tragus piercing to go with my tragus? :)?

do anyone have both of these piercing? do they look good together? i have a ring in my tragus

Anti tragus piercing in alot of pain after two days?

ok I got my anti tragus pierced but i had to take it out after a few ours cuz my dad did not like it. Then the next day he saiid i can put it back in so i went to my piercer and she was able to get it in but she had to [...]

anti-tragus piercing or tounge piercing?

i really would like my anti-tragus pierced. but i really wanna know if it hurts or not. ive been looking up stuff about it and some said it hurt and others it didnt. i just got my belly button done in november and that hurt but i handled it. and if i dont get that [...]

Would guys think I was a lesbian if I got an “alternative” ear piercing say Anti-tragus or daith?

I know some guys think that if a guy has his ear pierced on the left or right it means he is gay or straight… does this apply to girls too?

Between and anti-tragus piercing and a conch piercing… Which would u get?

Im in the middle of deciding, and only have a short time to do so. which would you get why? I would also like some response from people who have expirienced these piercings Thanks!

anti-tragus piercing question?

i got my anti tragus pierced yesterday, i don’t really like the bar in it, and really want a ring. i know i can’t change it for a while, but when will it be healed ENOUGH to change it? thanks

Getting an anti-tragus piercing soon…?

Anyone have one? I’ve already researched it and I’m all set to get it, but I’d just like to know a few things first.. -How long was it before you could sleep on the side with the piercing? -How long was it before you could use ear buds (like for an iPod/mp3 player) in that [...]

Is there a difference between anti tragus and sideburn piercing?