Anti-tragus Piercing

Kind of an odd question, anti-tragus piercing?

Well, I’ll be getting my anti-tragus pierced soon, and I was just wondering, how many people heard a “crunch” when the needle went through? I’m seriously bored, as you can tell, lol.

Swollen Anti Tragus Piercing Help?

I have had my anti tragus pierced for 1 to 2 weeks. I didnt hurt. I have a circular barbell in it. But not it is swollen. Its not red or anything and it doesnt hurt. Its just really fat. Is it normal? Will it go down by itself or is something wrong? What can [...]

anti tragus piercing – why does it hurt?

I got my anti tragus pierced yesterday and it really hurts when I stretch my mouth like smile etc. any particular reason for this? should I be worried?

anti tragus piercing? do you have this?

today in class it douned on me that iw anted another piercing. lol i have 9 already. please dont give me crap not to put more holes in my body and disfigure myself… ayways do you have this piercing? what did you get it pierced with? i want both sindes done. i have my rook [...]

What guage is an anti-tragus piercing?

i realize that it varies depending on your piercer, but what guage are MOST anti-tragus piercings?

How can I tell if I am able to get my anti-tragus pierced?

I checked on a website and it said only some ears are abled to be pierced on the anti-tragus. How can i tell if I’m elligible for this piercing?

My Anti Tragus Piercing Hurts,How Long Till It Stops Hurting?

I Had It Done The Other Day & It’s Still Hurting, How Can I Prevent Myself From Knocking It In Sleep? I Went Swimming Earlier For A Bit & Now The Pains Unbearable :/

should i get an anti tragus piercing?

I was thinking about getting one today but i was wondering if they hurt alot? i already have a rook, snug and tragus piercing on my ears helpl?

Should I get a snug or anti-tragus piercing?

I have a rook piercing and was pondering my next choice. What do you think, same ear as rook or the other?

I want your guys opinion on anti-tragus piercing?

Hey everyone i was just had some questions on the anti-tragus piercing and the conch. i just got my tragus pierced about a week ago, and im looking for more holes to fill my ears! Okay which piercing do you think is better anti-tragus or conch? and my only concern is that i have my [...]