Anti-tragus Piercing

Anti tragus piercing question?

I’m planning on getting my anti tragus pierced soon, and was wondering if getting just one side would look stupid. Would it be better to get both, would it look better? Also, how much does the pain compare to a cartilage piercing? Is it difficult to clean because of the angle? Finally, how long does [...]

How long do I have to leave in an anti-tragus piercing after I get it done?

I go to a culinary school and when I am in culinary labs I can not have any visible jewelry. If I get it pierced in the middle of October can I remove it and replace it with a retainer for my classes by December?

What is this lump on my anti tragus – NOT piercing?

I don’t have a piercing in my anti tragus but I’m calling it that for ease. I have a little lump on it that’s sore – like a bite – and now for no reason (it was never an open wound) there’s a scab on top…? It’s been like this for about a week or [...]

Can an anti-tragus piercing paralyze your face?

I know that if you get your tragus pierced that it can possibly paralyze your face if you hit the wrong nerve or whatever. Can that happen with this piercing? Thanks.

what kind of jewelry/ring do you use for an anti-tragus piercing?

somebody had said an eyebrow ring? but like what gauge/milimeter length is normally used? and when first piercing your anti-tragus, do you typically use a barbell or a ring?

How badly does a lip/anti-tragus piercing hurt?

Ok so Im thinking about either getting my lip done or the anti-tragus. I have had an industrial/scaffold done and it didn’t hurt that much, so how much more does either your lip or anti-tragus hurt? My pain threshold is kinda average btw. Thanks

anti-tragus piercing…?

I have had both of my tragus’ pierced. The tenderness and swelling didn’t last longer than a day. However…I just got my anti-tragus pierced and its still sore. It’s a little red. Swelling is almost nothing but noticable if you look closely. Is this normal? How long will this last? I have had it for [...]

How much does the anti tragus piercing hurt when compared to the tragus piercing?

I got my tragus pierced about a month ago and was wanting to get my anti tragus pierced. Would someone compare the pain in the two?

anti tragus piercing?

I just got my anti tragus pierced and i was wondering if anyone else has this piercing, because i never saw anyone with it before, besides a few pictures on google.. It hurt really badly. =/ If you have this, do you have an eyebrow ring or hoop in it? I have an eyebrow [...]

Anti-Tragus Piercing?

Anybody have it? I’ve been reading some stories on BME (I think that’s what it’s called) and people are continually saying it’s their worst piercing ever. Extremely painful. Anybody else have that same experience? I’d like to get it, I’m assuming the pain wasn’t THAT bad if they’re still alive today and they kept the [...]