Daith Piercing

Does a rook Piercing Hurt more then a Daith Piercing?

Bloody daith piercing?

Don’t know what a daith is? Look here… :http://www.wetpainttattoos.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/daith.188145446_std.jpg Anyways, I’ve had my daith pierced for almost 5 years now, and for some reason it bleeds still. About twice a month, I’ll wake up in the morning with crusted blood on it, or during the day it’ll just start. It’s only about a drop or [...]

new daith piercing…?

i just got my daith pierced and i know bleeding is normal, but it bleeds a lot and pretty heavy… is this normal? .. its hard to get it to stop bleeding and i’m cleaning it as much as i should.. so idk what to do.. help??

I got the daith of my ear pierced the day after it feels likes its infected what do i do to treat it?

I got the daith pierced just two days ago and yesterday it started feeling sore, and throbbing with pain. I had my snug done a month or two ago, and it got infected, and this is exactly how it felt when I had the infection with the snug. I don’t know what to do to [...]

daith piercing questions?

i want to get my daith pierced i have some questions which would hurt more the daith or rook and what does it feel like? thank you

people with a daith piercing- how long was it until you could use headphones?


is my ear shape compatible enough to get a DAITH piercing? (pic)?

i reaallly want my daith pierced, and im a little nervous that my ear isn’t shaped correctly for this piercing, but i just wanted to get some opinions if you think my ear is alright to get the daith piercing, thanks. MY EAR http://i50.tiny pic.com/aolzkg.jpg DAITH PIERCING http://th03. deviantart.net/fs46/300W/f/2009/178/8/d/8de1796121968825a31ad2a0c9a3fd70.jpg erase the spacess

Daith piercing – Now I cant move my face.?

I got my daith pierced last wednesday. I have the other side done. My ear has blown up and is bright red its hot to touch and there is a shooting pain in my ear drum and I cannot move the side of my face. If i do it is the worst pain i have [...]

Will a daith piercing end up rejecting?

Okay so I am thinking of getting a daith piercing but I’m not sure that in time it’ll just reject.. Will it or will it stay there for aslong as I live (unless it gets ripped out or something stupid, haha) http://www.outerloop.biz/daithol.JPG ^^ There’s a picture of it. I already have an industrial, plus I [...]

Should i get a daith piercing of a bottom navel piercing?

http://community.tribalectic.com/files/images/belly%20button%20ring.preview.jpg http://i.ehow.com/images/a05/bh/kf/care-daith-piercing-200X200.jpg I like them both and can’t decide. I do have a cute/flat stomach and i do have enough room in my ear, so logistics is not a problem. Are belly button piercings too 90′s though? I was also wondering if nurses can have daith piercings without irritating them by putting stethoscopes in and [...]