Daith Piercing

Daith piercing? (concerning the pain)?

So I’ve been thinking about getting a daith piercing for quite a while now. I asked my piercer if the specific part of my ear was big enough (it isn’t always depending on the person) and he said it was. My question is, does a daith piercing hurt about as much as a standard cartilage [...]

Heart-shaped daith piercing?

I reallyreally want a piercing like this one: http://zhippo.com/SecretLakeTattooHOSTED/images/gallery/daith-heart-custom-bend-piercing-m.jpg but I don’t know how to go abut getting the jewelry? (sorry if i sound like a noob:L)

my daith piercing hurts.?

how long does it take for a daith piercing to stop hurting? it hurts when i smile? idk if thats supposed to happen.

Please tell me “What the difference is between a daith and a helix piercing”?

I’m unsure of what it is and i’m thinking of getting one of the 2…. please your help will be appreciated

Ear piercing project – what would look best with a daith?

I want to do an ear project, and I already have my daith done. I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations on piercings that look good with the daith. I am considering a conch, or industrial (horizontal or vertical), or a double snug. I dont want to have a rook or tragus done. I’m open [...]

daith piercing. does it hurt?

im really thinking about getting a daith piercing. but ive heard its extremely painful. does anyone have it done? does it hurt as much as im hearing?

rook or daith piercing pain?

i had my tragus pierced today and i love it, but i want more! how does a rook or daith piercing compare to having your tragus pierced, pain-wise? i have to say that it did hurt, but only as much as my industrial piercing so my pain threshhold is ok. any ideas for unusual piercings [...]

Rook or daith piercing?

Friday!! Woohoo getting my ear pierced again! I have my tragus pierced, and I’m getting another pierced in the same ear. Which do you like better, daith or rook? But for having the tragus done, which one do you think would go well with it? Rook or daith? In this picture, it’s a rook and [...]

Daith piercing info…?

hey i just got my daith pierced… i already did some research on it but if n e one has other tips or info i should know about please let me know! also i got my daith pierced 2 days ago and last night i woke up and my hoop somehow twisted and my ear [...]

daith piercing and in-ear headphones?

i want a new piercing since it’s been around 6 months since i got my regular cartilage piercing done. i wanted something interesting and different. at first, i wanted to get an inner conch piercing, but the piercer that my friends go to says it doesn’t heal that well. so, i’ve settled on the daith. [...]