Daith Piercing

DAith piercing and Rook. HELp!!!!!!?

I used to have my rook done until my doc made me take it out and now i really miss my piercing but i do not want to do a rook again cuz it hurt soooo bad when i got it done. I am thinking about the DAith and i was wondering if anyone knows [...]

Which hurt more – Tragus or Daith piercing?

Okay I have my ear lobes pierced three times and I’d like to get another piercing – but I’m not sure which? At first I instantly decided on my tragus but then I saw a daith piercing and now I’m stuck again… so yeah, what are your thoughts / experiences? I’d love to get both [...]

Can you get a daith and a tragus piercing on the same ear?

Can you get them on the same ear or are they too close together?

Does getting your daith pierced hurt more, less, or the same as getting your tragus pierced?

I have had my tragus pierced, but it was not done by a professional and it was done with a piercing earring from Claire’s. It didn’t hurt me that badly. Now I want to get my daith pierced and I want to know how much it hurts in comparison.

do tragus and daith piercing heal within 8 months?

if i get either one of these piercings, will i be able to take it out and leave it out for a few hours without it closing after about 8 months?

I want to get a daith piercing?

http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/piercingpics8.jpg I just can’t decide what ear to get it on. On both ears, i have 2 lobe piercings, and in my left ear, i have my tragus pierced. Should i get the daith in my other ear, to even it out? Or would it look good with my tragus? Also, what is the pain [...]

Should I get a rook or daith piercing?

I can’t decide they both look so cool!

Does a nose piercing hurt worse than a Daith piercing?

Hey hey. So I was wondering, I want to get my nose pierced, but was wondering how badly it hurts. I have 4 tattoos, 4 earlobe piercings, and a Daith piercing (look it up). Let me know. Thanks Just got it done a few hours ago. Don’t know what I was worried about…it’s awesome :]

Which piercing is more painful, daith or tragus?

I got my tragus pierced about 3 years ago and I didn’t find it painful at all but I am wondering about getting my daith pierced and I am just wondering if anyone has had it and how painful it is compared to a tragus?

how much does my tatto shop carge for a daith piercing?

does any one know i live in fl.