Daith Piercing

Scar Tissue around Daith Ear Piercing?

It’s a bump on the opening of my Daith Piercing. It seems as though its growing, and nothing happens when i try poking it with a pin. I’m going to the doctor to get it checked out, but would taking out the piercing help? Any advice?

What hurts less, tragus or daith piercing?

I want to get a new piercing on my ear. i have 3 holes, my first and second and then my cartilage. i also have my nose pierced though so i know how that feels. that hurt for me. I want to know what would hurt less? or any other cool piercings on the ear [...]

TERRIFIED Of Cartilage and Daith Piercing?

I really want my cartilage and daith pierced.. but I am terrified of the pain .. can you guys honestly tell me what your pain tolerance is , and if it hurt you , if its worth you .. Im not worried about the sore pain , just the pain when you get it done. [...]

Will my daith piercing close up?

I got a daith piercing in November of ’09 and i’ve had a few problems with it. I’ve decided that it’d be best to just close it up. Since they used a hollow needle am I even able to take out the piercing? Won’t taking out the piercing just leave a hole in my ear [...]

Daith piercing how to change the jewelry?

Okay I had daith pierced not too long ago and for those who have that area pierced how hard is it to change the jewelry for the first time? I won’t change it until it is fully healed but I was just wondering since it is in a difficult spot

Do you think this Daith piercing would look good with the others?

Do you think that these would look cool together? or could you recommend a better piercing? here is the piercing that i would like http://www.obscure.org/~nosx/daith2.jpg and here is my current ear http://s890.photobucket.com/albums/ac101/i_am_chikatilo/?action=view&current=CAMERA167.jpg PS i am 14 (:

I have an infected tragus piercing, and i want to get a daith piercing tommorow?

is there more chance of my daith getting infected? my tragus is only a bit infected, and i got it done a week ago tomorrow. should i still get a daith, is it safe? cheersssx

Help! My new daith piercing keeps bleeding, is extremely painful, and I don’t know how to clean it!?

So I got a new daith piercing the other day along with a few other piercings, but this one is the most painful! I don’t know how to clean it, and the piercer told me to clean it with dial but is it better to clean it with sea salt? And it keeps bleeding so [...]

How old do I have to be to get a daith piercing?

I really want to know. I’m planning on getting it done any day now if only I knew if I was old enough.

How much does a daith piercing hurt?

Scale of 1-10 ? I have double lobes and a cartilage.