Ear Project Piercing

Home solar panels For Huge Energy Cost savings

This is happening due to the fact the energy resources really are fast running dry and with an increasing number of environmental awareness being multiply, people are getting conscious and shifting to the eco-friendly option. As an effect, the world is seeing a higher number of households using solar panel technology. Read this article and [...]

Answer my question please, I would appreciate it.?

* This is for a good cause! * Let us pretend that YOU and the person who YOU hate the most (X) , are to be executed. I give you the choice to choose an execution for you and X . Knowing that you will first have to see X die. And then it’s your [...]


how old were you when you…… 1/had your first kiss 2/had your first bf/gf, how long did it last 3/first piercing/ where did u get it, did it hurt did you cry 4/ lost your virginity 5/had your heart broken? i have to take a poll thing for a class project couldnt be botherd going [...]

Name game for you!!! 10 points! Baby name game!?

Actually, the names are for my project. But to you, it will be a game. Okay, all you do is read the description of the person, and the first name that comes to your mind will be what you put down! Sound fun? Try it! (HINT: I WILL ONLY CHOOSE SOMEONE WHO GIVES ME A [...]

Parenting Decisions List? Please?

Kind of a weird question… Can anyone give me a list of parenting decisions? Things that you may come across as being a parent of a baby, toddler, kid, or teenager? Such as: putting a leash on your baby? (the little backpack thingys) or whether or not to pierce your baby girls ears? Things like [...]

Opinions Needed Please!!!?

As you walk up the slightly sloped driveway, you get a sight that not only widens your eyes, it opens your ears, it lets your nose take in smells that makes you smile and it feeds your taste buds like it is a baby being hand-fed. The surroundings make you realise what is really around [...]

What does Psalm 40:6 mean?

Psalm 40:6 “Sacrifice and offering you do not desire, but my ears you have pierced burnt offerings and sin offerings you do not desire.” i was wondering what the ears you have pierced part means and also this is the old testament. in the old testament he did want offerings..it wasn’t until when Jesus made [...]

I’m really depressed about something I shouldn’t be depressed about?

Hello. My name is Min Ji from Korea and I am 14 years old. This is going to be a long story but please read all of it. The two things that I love doing is singing and dancing. I’m not good at neither but I still love practicing and performing. This sounds really strange [...]

I’m 19 and scored 99/99 on the ASVAB. Air Force Reserve and College?

As the title says, I’m 19 and scored a 99 on the ASVAB (and only 29 on the ACT! What is that?!) and I’m currently going to a community college for GenEd. After that I plan on double majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy, after transferring schools of course. I’ve already handled several large programming [...]

How to convince your parents for text?

I can’t just text anyway. That will make them take my phone away. I can’t get a job. I’m busy with all my homework, tests, and projects, it just kinda stresses me out. Can you help me? Please? I really want it. And its hard giving out my number because people are all like, “You [...]