Ear Project Piercing

How should I treat my insanely curly hair?

My hair is insanely curly. Think 60s afro curly. However, my hair is also very fine and is paired with an incredibly sensitive scalp. When I was young, this made my life so miserable that my parents caved in and started me on chemical straightening. However, a recent chemistry class, common sense, and a botched [...]

Trained singer, with the most “powerful” voice that you’ve ever heard?

My focus here is only on two aspects of a singer and their career: (1) that they were/are educated and trained in classical music; and have had at least a modicum of success in their profession. (2) that they possessed an extraordinary vocal power. My candidate(as an example): Eileen Farrel. A concert singer rather than [...]

gross piercings?

i got my industrial bar pierced (some call it the project or something) and my ear is purple. how long does it take for cartilage piercings to fully heal?

Do you think I made a big mistake?

I have a brother that is not blood related to me, but I see and love him just like my own brother. His father passed away five years ago and his mother has diabetes and some mental problems. He is currently living in a group home. Basically a house full of kids that either ran [...]

Movie where girl was using guy as art experiment?

I’m trying to think of this movie I saw once. This girl hooks up with this guy. Reforms him. (Makes him get rid of his friends, pierce his ear etc etc) And then literally waits till he’s ready to propose. And when he is about to propose she has him go to either her art [...]

Not sure how to word this: How do I stop thinking so much? How do I lighten up for once?

I’m a 17 year old boy and..I mostly have no feelings of my own. The feelings I have are projected by my parents. Getting ONE piercing in my ear for example..If my parents hate it, I can’t do it. No, I have their permission..But not their support. And yet, needless to say..My families a bad [...]

Where can i buy titanium earrings ?

well i’ve had my ears pierced for 6 years and up until today, i haven’t been able to really wear earrings because it’s always a project to get them in and they bleed and pus. [sry tmi probably]. but i was at claire’s today, where i originally got my ears pierced, and the lady said [...]

Names for characters for a manga and such?

Since I can’t find a good romance manga that pairs up the main female with a guy similar to Takuma Ichijou or Suzuya Tohzuki I decided that I’m going to make one as soon as I finish the project I’m currently working on. I’m starting to develop the characters for the manga: Main Female: Name: [...]

Who is Alex (photographer/model)?

About a year ago, I found this guy in the internet who was a photographer and also a model. I think his name was Alex, but I’m not sure. I need to know who he is because I want to use his pictures for a project. Ok, so the way I’m going to describe him [...]

What should i do for my 13th?

PLAN A: we go to the mall we go shopping get my ears pierced and go to a movie PLAN B: we go to the mall get my ears pierced go shopping and then come home and watch a movie on the projector and project it on the back my neighbors garage (it is white) [...]