Ear Project Piercing

have you ever pierced your ears and gotten keloids?

where and how did you pierce it and what month did you do it in? PLz answer seriously i want to do a survey for a school project…..remember tell me the month u did it in and how long after did you get a the keloids

How come adults don’t listen children?

I have a loving family that’s usually fun to be with. But they do not listen to me unless I go talk in their ear with a piercing scream. Now usually I don’t have to do this. But now when I’m 13 years old when I tell them something and I want a answer to [...]

lip piercing?

i asked my mom if i could get my lip pierced for my 14th birthday and she said NO! she said it projects a bad image and looks terrible! do you think it projects a bad image and/or looks bad? NOTE** I have no other piercings except for my ears

Parents problem please help really really frustrated?

Hey all i need help. I am a 18 Year old Male Living with my parents in Auckland New zealand. I left School after year 12..And well failed it..Because i chose the wrong options at the start of the year..or as i thought Were good”” when i started them. Anyways.. ive been working part time [...]

I’m about to get my ears pierced for the third time, how do I keep them from closing again?

I have gotten my ears pierced for the first time on my 16th birthday. I used the cleaning stuff they gave me instead of alcohol like they said and my ears got infected. I got them pierced again a year later and it really hurt ’cause they did it over the scars, it lasted for [...]

I typed this story up just right now, here on y!answers, so tell if you like it?

Arden walked into the computer lab. “Hi, miss,” he mumbled. No one ever called the teachers by their proper names. Everyone waltzed around campus calling every teacher they see “miss” or “mister”. This bothered Arden, but the only reason he called this lady “miss,” is because he didn’t know her name. “Why, hello Arden!” The [...]

Parents against piercings?

This is going to make me sound really snobby but w/e. My parents get mad at me when asking/talking about piercings because well I said no more piercings after my bellybutton piercing. I do tons of research and I’m told quite often I’m a mature, responsible young lady. I understand I shouldn’t go back on [...]

do i have yeast infection or HIV? :(?

HIIIIII guys i hav vagina itch and iam soooo scared to go to the gyno cuz i dunno why i had this thing in my mind that pictures like this: my mommy takes me there, and then, the gyno finds out that its not yeast infection its HIV! AHHHHH im only 14! i dun wanna [...]

Can anyone help me on a english homework project with the song Bleeding Love?

If u could help me on this it would be great! Alliteration, Similie, Personification, Onomatopeia, and Rythm are needed (at least 2) and i already have Metaphor and Rhyme. Im stuck and would really like your help on this. Thank you soooo much!!! here are the lyrics: Bleeding Love lyrics Closed off from love I [...]

i’m trying to write a poem about second chances for my class project. what do you think?

Late it be Some time ago I walked a tremulous path of a blurred, vague dream. It stopped me from living a lie that had deceived me from the ones I loved. Fair it didn’t seem. Shards of fire kept shaking my knees, knocking me down the path. It scared me to look, but it [...]