Ear Project Piercing

Can someone please translate this for me from english to italian?:)?

I’m doing a demonstration project for italian on how to pierce your ear and I need to say how to say these: 1. Go buy a piercing gun 2.Make sure you have ice, rubbing alcohol, and a pen 3.Take the piercing gun out of its package 4.Pick what part of your ear you want pierced [...]

my mum doesn’t no about my Piercing should i tell her ?

on sat i got a piercing and normally befor i do something i allways ask my mum imm 17 but i still ask her as im not 18 yet and i feel she still has a right to no but i really wont to get my Tragus (small piece of thick cartilage that projects immediately [...]


Hi! I have to make an online survey on everyone’s opinion about body modification. Here are the choices: 1) Breast augmentation 2) Tattoo 3) Body / Ear Piercing (state which piercings would you like/do you have) 4) Plastic surgery (which part of your body) 5) Neck elongation 6) Foot binding Pick out which one have [...]

How to heal red “bumps” on a lobe piercing?

So I an got an ear spiral done about 5-6 months ago. It looks similar to this, just no tunnels http://greatpiercingshop.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/piercings.png First she pierced two lobe piercings, which would be aligned with the jewelry, thenused two seperate CBRs. About 3 months later, she took out the two CBRs, pierced my lobe the a third time, [...]

Poll: Tattoos and Piercings survey (research project)?

I am doing a research project and needed some imput. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible, if you don’t want to answer or are unsure of one, please leave it blank. Thank You!! Tattoos: Do you like tattoos in general? Do you have tattoos? If so, where and how many? How do [...]

What is the name of people who pierce for a living?

Im making my own business for a school project. I chose a tattoo parlor. I know most tattoo parlors they also pierce people. What is the PROFESSIONAL name for people who pierce peoples ears and other stuff for a living??

What do you think about guys pierce their ears?

Is it gay, normal or hot? Answer honestly and respectfully, this is for a research project.

***Question for piercers!(or anyone who wants to answer)(Pics)?

Hi! So I have a question for piercers. A little over a year ago, I got my first cartilage piercing. I went to a not such nice place. They sterilized and everything. But, it was not my first choice when deciding where to go. I’ll be honest with you. I first I cleaned my ear [...]

how does a person get this done?

http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/01-ear/A90818/high/iw5s-ear-project-by.jpg how should i ask my mom to let me get that done? and does anybody have it? if so did it hurt getting it all done at once?

I need a professional piercer!!! Hypertrophic scarring, keloid, or infection?

Hello. I got an ear project, weaving in my left ear lobe. 3 piercing, one spiral industrial bar, spiral through the 3 piercings. I fist got two seperate piercing, and my piercer used cbr. Those were find. About 2-3 months later, when I was told to go back. She pierced me a third time, and [...]