Ear Project Piercing

Do you have any ear projects (a multi-pierced set of piercings) or any other sets like navel, lip, nipple etc?

So far I’m not finished but am in the process… I have my lobes stretched to 14G captive rings, and 2 14G inner conches in each ear… I am soon going to be getting one 14G outer conch in each ear (also called flats) and one more inner conch in each ear…. making a total [...]

Ear piercing project?

on my left ear i have an industrial, rook, and my ear lobes. On my right i have a cartilage piercing, and tragus. what other piercings would look good with these? By the way, I ONLY pierce my ears, I will not get ANYTHING on my face. All I have are a few ear piercings, [...]