Ear Spiral Piercing

cartilage (helix) piercing on guys?

i have both lobes pieced at 14 gauge and i was wondering if a cartilage piercing on me would look nice. i wa thinkig abot gettig 2 or 3 and puttig a spiral jewelry i it or just 1 with a hoop i it. what ear do guys usualy get a helix piercing on? is [...]

I want to stretch my ear lobes but don’t know where to start?

So, I have my ears pierced and they are just normal size right now. I’m not sure which gauge that is or really sure about anything to do with this. I know that a lot of people say you shouldn’t do it yourself but personally, I’d rather do that. Any information about where to buy [...]

(Stretching ears) Spirals?

Hey guys, I have 16g spirals in right now (yeah, my ear was pierced at a 20g/18g). I was wonder should I take it off when I sleep, shower, etc.? I’d prefer to leave it in there, and what are some tips to ‘help’ my ear?

Ear stretching help 3mm??

On wednesday I bought a 3mm spiral taper (my ears haven’t been stretched before) so I went on to trying to stretch the piercing, and could only get it about half way through, then it refused to move without ridiculously hurting. Today I decided to try a straight plastic 3mm taper but the same thing [...]

Can I get my ears gauged even if I’ve got my ears pierced already?

I know it’s a stupid question but I just want to make sure I have the right answer. I got my ears pierced about 4 months ago and I just have small silver hoops in them now. I’d like to get those sick small spiral gages but I don’t know how it all works. Please [...]

Help me find a small double spiral barbell please?

I ended up getting this earring in a 16g double spiral: http://www.bodyartforms.com/productdetails.asp?ProductID=2202 and while it fits lengthwise, the diameter is way too wide and juts out too far off of my ear. Going to see if I can manipulate my earring/tighten the spiral, but I was wondering if anyone could help me find another 16g [...]

How much do cartilage piercings hurt?

I’m considering getting a spiral-type piercing, which would probably involve getting two holes in my helix. However, the only other piercings I’ve ever gotten done are in the lobes of my ears. So I’m looking for kind of a general idea of how much it hurts. I’m totally fine with shots and IVs from the [...]

eyebrow piercing help URGENT?

ok heres the situation, i have a single eyebrow piercing however i am going to buy a spiral barbell and get my eyebrow pierced again to add two more holes to look like this http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/04-eyebrow/A50217/high/bmegl020042.jpg i can buy that one but it will be $20 and may take a few weeks to get here (i [...]

Can I put anbesol on my ear cartilage?

I already have my cartilage pierced twice. Iv had it for almost a month now, and i want to change the earrings from two barbells to a spiral. I’m afraid its gunna hurt, but i don’t wanna go to the piercing place to have them do it. would it be alright if i put anbesol [...]

What piercing and where to put the tattoo? Help me?

I have 3 earlobe sets on each ear scaffold/industrial (right ear) 3 hole spiral on the cartilage (left ear) nose (right side) tongue lip (bottom left) belly button I want another piercing, but I don’t know where…I don’t like septum, nipple, or genital piercings If you wanna bitch about how “I have to many already” [...]