Ear Spiral Piercing

i got an industrial piercing about 8 months ago, and i need help and what to look for to change it?

its really close to the top of my ear and i wanted one with a spiral in it but i don’t know if it will fit.

What piercing should i get?

Should i get the industrial bar? or said the have a double spiral in my ear, i already have a single spiral or both. haha will it hurt to get any of these done, and how much?

My helix piercing ripped out – Should I try to clean it and put another earring in?

I had a spiral helix piercing and as I was passing through the door it caught on the edge and started to hurt and I knew it’d ripped out because I heard the earring fall. I looked in the mirror and it was bleeding quite a bit. It hadn’t ripped completely through my ear, and [...]

Question about ear stretching?

I got my ears pierced at a 10g about a week ago. I am going to wait the full 6 weeks for them to heal. I ordered a pair of horn spirals, 8g. Can I just them to stretch down one size or is it unsafe. Also, what is the best way to clean horn [...]

i want to get my helix pierced with a spiral earring.?

i already have a helix piercing on my right ear but i am looking to get this done on my left. http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Image:Earspiral.jpg but i need 2 know some facts. 1.does all 3 piercings get pierced at the same time? 2.will the person numb my ear? 3.will it take longer than a single helix piercing to [...]

where can i find ear weaving jewellry?

I would like to get a triple cartiliage piercing with a single spiral linking the three piercings (ear weaving), but the trouble is all the piercers i’ve been to have said that they will only carry out the procedure if I obtain the jewellry, which is posing a problem. I was wondering if anyone knew [...]

Getting industrial piercing but…?

Im gettting an industrial piercing for my sixteenth birthday which is in a couple of months. I have been skeptical because i dont want to form those ugly lymph bump things. So if my piercing forms those, how do oyu get rid of it? Like those kund of bumps http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/01-ear/A80127/high/npla-3-point-spiral.jpg ( i dont want it [...]

can self piercing be a form of self harm ?

My sister has started piercing her self, instead of getting it professionally done. She’s 16, and seems to be in a depressive state. Our father has been diagnosed with bipolar, and I think she may have inherited it. She’s fallen out with her best friend, whom she shared everything with. Since then has been a [...]

Have you lately been forced to purge through poetry?

A recent link to a video has (inspired?) me to pen this. Cracked glass dreams and flowers on fire spiraling notes pierce the ears tip-toe Tim on razor thin wires lending his voice to my fears. I gouge at my throbbing, hot brain and slam my face in the wall the stench of vibrato remains [...]

Ear Spirals In Cartilage?

Sorry if this is like other questions but i’ve recently had a double helix (or double cartilage) piercing done and when its healed I am hoping to get a spiral to go through them. Does anyone know either a good website (secure with payment of course) or a place where I could get one? Thanks [...]