Ear Spiral Piercing

Can you get a spiral earring for your cartilage with just one hole?

B/C I got my cartilage pierced a while back, but now I want one of those spiral ones. But, I dont think you cant get it done after you have only one hole b/c it has to be in the right spot. (Sorry, I don’t know how to word things.) Is there an earring you [...]

What 1st piercing would suit me best?

i may be getting my lip and ear piercing for my birthday Me. me i all ready have a ear piercing picked out but cant decide on a lip one i did want something like this http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/019/8/2/morscrap_by_shrugo5.jpg this is apparently a body spiral cone-ball but i would rather a Professional tell me what it is [...]

Where can i find spiral jewelery for double pierced ears?


How long should I wait in between ear peircings?

I want a piercing like this http://media.photobucket.com/image/spiral%20ear%20piercing/sossypops/piercing.jpg Except I want three holes in the cartalige instead of two… and I don’t want the spiral earing, just studs. I want to know if how long I wait in between each piercing, I know you can’t get them all done at the same time. And I know [...]

Should I get a Tragus or Ear Weaving or Both ? Im thinking both!?

Whats worse getting a Tragus or Ear Weaving when it comes to pain ? On my birthday i plan on getting a weaving on my left ear(for people that dont know its a spiral piercing through the cartilage) and on my right a tragus when the weaving heals.i already have two lobe piercing and my [...]

A Question about jewelry for a Piercing?

I have a helix piercing ( top left ear) And I want to buy a new pierce of jewelry for it. I came across this style and wanted to know if I would be able to wear it Since I only have one hole(single helix) NOT a double or industrial. Here is the jewelry: http://cgi.ebay.com/2pc-18g-Steel-Gold-Spiral-Barbell-Ear-Eyebrow-Ring-0rw-/200566249536?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb2ae1840

A couple of helix piercing related questions…?

1) For my 18th birthday, I am going to get a helix (cartilage) piercing for sure…I have considered getting a double helix piercing ( two on the same ear) and turning it into a ear spiral later on. Although, I am still not sure if I want one helix piercing or two…Is it possible to [...]

helix spiral earrings for lobe piercings?

i want a helix spiral earring (or a pair) SO bad. i’m not concerned about them being indestructible titanium or gold or even silver. i just want them to look good/not get infected. i’ve had both my ears pierced on the LOBES 3 times for several years now, and several months ago i pierced my [...]

Ear weaving question?

Hello. I was wondering if ear weavings can be done with the ear lobe instead of the ear cartilage? I have a tolerance to pain, but i’ve had many bad experiences with cartilage piercings. Tried every type of jewelry, different locations, cleaned with salt water solutions, but cartilage piercings do not work for me. I [...]

Is it weird to stretch/gauge one ear?

Hello. I was wondering if it was “weird”, or “strange” to have only one ear stretched? No bigger than 2-4g. I currently have multiple ear piercings. For the lobes- My left ear has a spiral: (similar to this, without the gauges.) http://greatpiercingshop.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/piercings.png My right ear has only a single ear piercing on the lobe. That [...]