Ear Spiral Piercing

Ear lobe piercing question?

Look to pierce my lobes. When they initially pierce them, how big of a gauge with the hole be. I eventually wanna wear this type of jewelry: http://energytattoo.com/images/storeimages/thumbs/89_w22h_tail_spiral_black.jpg Is that taper something people can wear or is it only for stretching. Can you find something like that to wear as a smaller gauge? Thanks.

Only one ear stretched? Interesting or just weird (Pics)?

Hello. I was wondering your thoughts on having only one ear stretched? No bigger than 2-4g. I currently have a few ear piercings. For the lobes- My left ear has a spiral bar. My right ear has only a single ear piercing on the lobe. That was the ear I was considering stretching. I’m very [...]

How much does an ear cartilage piercing hurt?

I want to get my ear cartilage don twice so i can get one of them spiral rings that go through two holes. Would I be able to get the piercings done at separate times – like get the first one done then wait until it has completely healed before getting the second? Also how [...]

Can you wear a spiral/ twisted barbell earring in your cartilage without having 2 piercings?

I saw a girl who was wearing a spiral barbell earring in the cartilage part of her ear. I didn’t know her so i didn’t ask her a lot about it. I couldn’t tell if the spiral was going through one piercing or 2 but i only have one. If i got a small spiral [...]

Can I put a 14g Spiral Belly Ring in my ear?

It’s this one: http://www.bodycandy.com/cgi-bin/item/5975 I wanted to put it in my cartilage. I’m not sure if it will fit though. The piercing was done about four years ago, and done at home. I’m assuming it’s the standard size, since we used a piercing gun to do it.

ear piercing question?

tomorrow im going to get two piercings both in my upper cartilage. i want them fairly close to eachother so that once they heal i can put in a spiral ring. has any gotten this? do cartilage piercings hurt badly? i just want input! thanks

Ear Weaving Piercing Question?

So I really want to get an ear weaving piercing. Every place ive called has told me that its best to do the holes separate and to let them heal and then put the helix/spiral in, but I don’t want to wait. Has anyone had it put in at once? How was it? and How [...]

Ear stretching? I want a small spiral taper.. how to go about this. xD?

I have my ears pierced normally and i want to get one stretched so i can have a smallish spiral taper in it. Like this one… http://www.bodyrockjewelry.com/Images/Small/BJ-TSPR-Small.jpg I’ve never done anything like this before. Is it something i can do myself or do i need to get it done somewhere. If i can do it [...]

Ear Cartilage piercing??

I’m getting my cartilage pierced in 4 days, on my 18th birthday. I want to get two piercings in the same ear, so i can have the spiral put in. Is it possible to get the spiral put in instead of two captive rings? I’m just a little worried that the captive rings would hit [...]

I ripped the top part of my ear. Any suggestions?

I was on my trampoline and I was sitting down to get off of it. The trampoline has a new around it and I had a spiral cartiladge ear piercing in the top of my right ear. My earring got caught in the net and caused me to stumble backwards on the trampoline. Finally I [...]