Ear Spiral Piercing

How to help a helix spiral piercing heal?

I genuinely refuse to take this thing out, sorry. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s still swollen, sore and it has what looks a bit like blood blisters on it around the holes. :/ Is there anything I can do? I clean it with a mild antiseptic just to be safe [...]

Can anyone name this ear piercing?

does anyone know what its called if u get multiple ear piercings down one ear and get like a notebook spiral thru them…..can anyone please tell me what thats called…or where i can find a picture??

Is there a name for this type of ear cartilidge piercing jewelry?

The silver double ended spiral/wrap around metal thing at the TOP of this guy’s ear: http://z.about.com/d/tattoo/1/0/L/i/011104g.jpg Is there a particular name for it? Or do I just have to hope to find it when I search type “cartilidge jewelry” on eBay/jewelry websites? Thanks in advance! =)

Zero from Vampire Knight’s Ear piercing?

I think it’s a spiral or ‘weaving’ piercing. I’m wondering where you can get the jewelry that looks like his.

Whats worse getting a Tragus or Ear Weaving when it comes to pain ?

On my birthday i plan on getting a weaving on my left ear(for people that dont know its a spiral piercing through the cartilage) and on my right a tragus when the weaving heals.i already have two lobe piercing and my pain tolerance is high….any advice,like how you think it would look cause i believe [...]

Ear weave piercing information?

Does it hurt? (Scale on 1-10, or how does it compare to a nose piercing?) How long does it take to heal? Do they put the spiral in right away, or does it have to heal first? If you have it do you like it? If you don’t have it, how do you think it [...]

Can you put a spiral barbell in a cartilage piercing?

Something like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41rHujjUyTL.jpg My cartilage piercing is in the normal location for one, sort of near the top of my ear. I really like the look of the spiral barbells, but I’m not sure if I can use that in my cartilage.

Spiral Cartilage piercing?

Should I get a regular cartilage piercing or a spiral hoop one. Which one looks better? Spiral Cartilage Regular Cartilage http://bmezine.com/pierce/01-ear/A80825/high/nqg2-tragus.jpg

Does anyone know where I can get a weave piercing ?

The weave piercing is also called the ear spiral, weave, or stitch piercing. If anyone knows where I can get it done, please answer ASAP ! Note that I am 15 and the piercing place must be in the edison —> new brunswick area. Thanks (:

Spiral and Tragus Piercing?

I want to get a spiral piercing: and a tragus piercing on both ears, but I want to do one ear at a time (for sleeping purposes haha). Will a piercer do the spiral and tragus in the same sitting for the same ear? Once one ear heals, I want to do my other one. [...]