Earlobe Piercing

2nd earlobe piercing

I have a small bump inside my second hole(not in the cartlidge). It’s not really painful,it just concerned me. Is that normal?

How long does it take for a 2nd earlobe piercing done with a needle take to heal?

i got it done yesterday and i forgot what the guy said also what can i put on it to keep it clean ? the guy told me dial soap but i get allergic reactions to that stuff thankk you (:

Largest size for first time earlobe piercing?

I want to start to gauge my ears, but they aren’t pierced yet. And I know that you have to get your ears pierced before stretching and all that(obviously), but does anyone know the largest size you can start out with? I heard somewhere that it was 8G, or that it’s 10G or 12G. Is [...]

Can I put sea salt crystals directly in my earlobe piercing hole?

It would be a lot easier and less awkward than soaking.

Is it possible to get Meningitis or Hepatitis A from an earlobe piercing?

Just from a dirty needle that’s YOUR OWN, not shared. I want to pierce my own ear but I want to be safe since im due for both Hep. A & Meningitis vaccines. I’d of course steralize everything first, just want to be safe.

Would a third earlobe piercing be too much?

I’ve been thinking about getting a third hole after I get my partially closed up second hole re-pierced. I got my first when I was about seven or something, and got my second when I was twelve. I’m fourteen now, so I was just wondering if that would be too much, or if I should [...]

I need some earlobe piercing tips?

I might be getting my ears pierced! Finally! Can someone please give me some tips? I am about 12 Also, on a rating of 10, how much does earlobe piercing hurt? Please tell me your experience because i really want to get my ear lobes pierced but im scared of the infections. Also, if possible [...]

What do you think of a third earlobe piercing and second hole gauged to a 6g?

do you think that would look ok? or too much? im also getting tragus and rook in left ear. conch and cartilage in right. all small jewelry and it will be balanced and spaced out

What to about an earlobe piercing that won’t heal?

I got these pierced 20 years ago. They stay open, because i go months without wearing earrings then can get them back in again, but they are always sore and start crusting once i start wearing earrings again. I don’t put base metals in them. Gawd. End this battle, please.

Can an earlobe piercing get infected due to stress?

Since my stress about this semester of college has hit its peak, my earlobes have become swollen, painful, and red. I’ve been cleaning my ears multiple times a day and taking Tylenol for the pain but nothing seems to help. I’m afraid to take my earrings out because the piercings scab over very quickly and [...]