Earlobe Piercing

How do you know when a (earlobe) piercing is healed?

I got my ear pierced on the 26th of January, about five weeks ago. I want to know if it has healed or if I can wait a bit before going like hours or days without an earring. Thanks for any help.

What are some ways to cover up a earlobe piercing?

My friend and I want to get our ears (lobes) pierced and our mom’s have agreed but she goes to a school that doesn’t allow piercings. Is there a way to cover them up when she goes to school? Thanks!

How long does it take for an earlobe piercing to close up?

When it’s been pierced for 8 months Like how long can you leave an earring out before it closes/can’t get earring back in?

how long does it take for an infected earlobe piercing to heal?

lately my left earlobe is red and a bit swollen, sometimes it feels better (and quite normal), but whenever i try to put an earring on ,for the following few days i cant put an earring back in and it hurts a lot.

how do you know when an earlobe piercing is healed?

i got my earlobe pierced 3 weeks ago.. it swelled a bit before cause the back was too tight, but i loosened it. i tried taking it off today, i guess i irritated it a bit and it bleeded

Do I have to wait longer for my earlobe piercing to heal ?

I know I asked already, but more opinions don’t hurt. It’s been officially 6 weeks since I got my ear lobe piercing, but about 2 weeks ago, I was in a rush, and I wore my shirt really fast, and the collar scraped against the piercing. It hurt only until I put sea salt (h2Ocean) [...]

How to convince your parents to let you get a second earlobe piercing?

I have one ear piercing (lobe) since I was about 10, and now I want another–right beside it;; I think It’s called the cartilage piercing?? How do I ask my parents about it??

how do you get rid of a mass or lump around an earlobe piercing?

um i probably got it done about a year and a half ago. around my third piercing on my lobe there’s a lump on both ears. i don’t know how to get rid of it. and it looks bad. help please.

If I stretch a second earlobe piercing, will it affect my first one?

I am getting second earlobe piercings and plan on stretching them (probably to about an 6g or 4g at the most). Is the distance between the first and second important? Should I ask the piercer to leave a little extra space between the two?

Why is it bad to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your earlobe piercing?

I recently have my ears pierced. I was told to mix sea salt with water to clean my piercing. Why is it bad to clean my piercing with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide?