Earlobe Piercing

How long can I leave my earlobe piercing out without my hole closing ?

I have my piercing for almost two months now I want to take out for a few hours or a whole day would this be ok or I should leave it longer before taking out for any amount of time

How bad is a 2nd earlobe piercing on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most painful?

I am a teenager and I’m getting my 2nd piercing on Saturday at Claire’s. I have no idea what my pain tolerance is. When I get a shot it feels like a little pinch and that’s all. Thanks for your help

Can I get my cartilage pierced and a double earlobe piercing done on the same day?

I would really like to get my cartilage pierced as well as a double piercing done at Claire’s on the same day. I already have my ears pierced, but I’ve always wanted a second set as well as my cartilage done. Could I do it? I don’t really care about the pain because I’ve gotten [...]

How much would a cartilage piercing hurt compared to a earlobe piercing?

I am wondering about not just during, but During and After as well. Also, if you have any tips about how to convince my parents. They are convinced that a piercing will only set me 2 steps back in the long run (getting a job, into university…) and that i would regret it. Just because [...]

How painful is an earlobe piercing compared to nose?

Me and my friend planned on getting our ear lobes pierced together. It will be my second holes. I have already had my nose done before, and I was just wondering how much this will hurt compared to getting my nose done. I don’t remember anything from the first time, hence the reason why I’m [...]

Is it okay for me to have double piercing at earlobe together?

Help needed! I’m gonna have my ears re-pierced as they closed up. Is it okay for me to have my earlobes pierced twice on the same day? O.O HELP NEEDED PLEASE! Btw, i’m 12.

do piercing guns put a black spot on earlobe piercings?

I’m getting my earlobes pierced by a piercing gun. I need to know if a piercing gun or lack of care will cause a black spot around my ear piercing… And can i use the post of a earring or a broomstick to keep the hole open.

do i need parental permisson to have a second earlobe piercing?

im 15 and i already have a earlobe piercing do i need parental permisson for another? ty

how long does it take for an earlobe piercing to close before re-piercing it in the same place?

Ive had an earlobe piecing for about 7 years and now that i have 2 other piercings right next to i dont like the positioning of the first. I took the earring out to allow it to close. I know it varies with each person but about how long will it take to close well [...]

How long do I wait before i can change my earrings, after just getting an earlobe piercing?

Ok, so its been about 4 1/2 weeks since i got my earlobes pierced. The woman who pierced my ears told me to wait 6 weeks before changing them, although iv had many other people tell me that they should be fine if i were to change them out now. I havnt had any problems [...]