Earlobe Piercing

Do you think my earlobe piercing could be infected?

I got my earlobe pierced a second time about 2 weeks ago. And i’ve done a pretty good job about cleaning them everynight, but sometimes i did miss it. It’s not really the time i can take it out yet. But just today, my left ear is sort of red and it hurts pretty bad [...]

how do I keep my earlobe piercing from closing?

I have pierced my earlobes 4 times, and they always seem to make a reaction to the studs I’m pierced with. Is there a special type of metal my ears won’t reject(they get swollen, red, and start to ooze). Is there something I can use to leave in the holes to keep them from closing(even [...]

How to clear up an earlobe piercing infection?

I had my earlobes pierced a little less than a week ago at piercing pagoda… but my mom is a nurse and she says it’s infected. there’s the tiniest bit of pus but it’s not too bad. I have very thick lobes but the earrings aren’t tight the back of it is the acorn shaped [...]

Any good way to hide an earlobe piercing?

iM not supposed to have my earlobe pierced, but i had my friend do it for me anyways. And i dont know how to hide it well besides wearing hats, have any ideas? Any clear earrings for sale, or VERY VERY tiny studs… Oh and yes i already tried the band-aid but i can only [...]

How long would it take an earlobe piercing to close up and not scar?

How long would it take for your holes to heal and basically look like there was never any hole If you got your earlobes pierced…6 months ago? 8 months ago? 10 months ago? 12 months ago? more then a year ago? also not scarring meaning not leaving a mark on your ear from a formal [...]

Getting a second earlobe piercing on left ear only?

I want to get a second earlobe piercing but only on my left ear. I don’t know if it would look weird or not having one ear with one and the other with two. What do you guys think?

Should I get my second earlobe piercing at pagoda or claires? And with a gun or needle?

Ok I am 14 and I am getting my second earlobe piercing( I also Want my cartlige and bellybutton) and I heard that claires is really cheap and I want good earrings done by some one who knows what their doing. Also I don’t know if I should get it done with a gun or [...]

earlobe piercing how much different is the pain and how do i hide it?

i have got my left earlobe pierced in a shop with the piercing gun so it didn’t even get an infection until i wanted to stretch it…..anyway i wanna pierce the same ear but which spot would look good be close to painless(i am doing it myself this time) be easy to hide before i [...]

How can i make my earlobe piercing heal faster?

I just got my earlobe pierced like 3 days ago and i have a stud in it right now. the problem is that when i go to school they make me take it out. so when i try to put it back in its like re-piercing it all over again. is there anything i can [...]

How long does it take a 2 years old earlobe piercing to heal up?

I’ve had my left earlobe pierced for little over 2 years now. When I recently got my right ear pierced, the positioning wasn’t exactly 100% symmetrical. I now favour the positioning of the right ear, and want the left to match. So, I was wondering how long would it take for my left earlobe piercing [...]