Earlobe Piercing

How big in mm is a standard earlobe piercing?

I had my earlobes pierced with ordinary barbel piercings and I want to buy these earrings with horn pins that are “roughly 1mm”. I don’t know how big is a standard earlobe piercing and I don’t want to buy them and find out they don’t fit in my holes (ebay). Thanks! heres what it looks [...]

How much does piercing your earlobe hurt compared to waxing?

Like for you people. What hurts more? I had my ear lobes pierced when i was a few months old so I don’t remember. How much does it hurt to get a second earlobe piercing compared to like waxing? PS- waxing is something random that hurts me

Earlobe piercing for 2 years. How long will it take for the hole to close up mostly/completely?

It’s my fianc? third earlobe piercing. She got this one once and let it close. Now she’s getting it redone and she’s going to keep it for 2 years. She’s taking it out and letting it close up for our wedding though, and we’re wondering how long it will take to close completely. Many thanks! [...]

Earlobe piercing?

My son wants to get both his earlobes pierced. We are fine with it, as long as it is a regular sized piercing, AKA one that won’t stretch his ears. Are the earrings in this picture for regular sized piercings, because he says he likes the black ones. http://www.claires.com/images/products/94023_200.jpg