Helix Piercing

Could I go straight from a 20 gauge to 16 on a helix piercing?

I know practically nothing about gauges, but I don’t ever plan on going any larger than 14. I figured I’d just go from a 20 to 16 on the lobes since I haven’t heard too many horror stories about that, but is that possible to do on a helix piercing?

How do i convince my parents to let me get a helix piercing?

i am a girl in 9th grade who is very responsible. i have wanted a helix( cartilage or whatever you call it) piercing for a long time. how can i convince my dad and mom? my mom is okay with it but not my dad. help?? thanks

How long does a helix piercing take to heal?

I’ve had my helix pierced for 3 weeks now and it’s still shedding dead skin cells, it’s still sore and red.

Helix piercing bleed after 2 years?

I got my helix pierced 2 years ago and I have been taking good care of it. There were no signs of infection whatsoever. The thing is, between those period, I have never removed my piercing before. So when I tried removing it the other day, it was fine but when I tried putting it [...]

What hurts more, a nose piercing or a helix (catrilage) piercing?

Well i already have my nose pierced and it didn’t hurt that much, it was just a little pinch. But now i really wanna get a helix piercing. But abit worried about the pain? Hm well, i pierced my own lip. and that didn’t hurt at all haha. And to one of my answers, yeah [...]

How do i remove a barbell helix piercing?

I had my helix pierced about 6 months ago and have decided i want to remove it permanently. However i can’t get the damn thing to come out, i keep trying to turn it but it won’t budge. Anyone got any suggestions, other then go back to the piercer to remove it (which i will [...]

Does it hurt to get a helix piercing?

Ok, i really want a Helix piercing and if i got it done i would have it done with a needle. But i am a real wuss when it comes to needles.. I just wondered if anyone could give me a pain rating out of ten please? and around how much would it cost?

How do I know what size “gauge” my helix piercing is?

I got my helix pierced last sumer with a standard piercing gun, one used for lob piercing and stuff. I want to order a cool earring but they all have different size “gauges”, what’s a gauge and how do i know what one to get?

How to take care of a helix piercing?

I really wanna know how I should take care of my helix piercing, for example people have said to use antiseptic/after care lotion, that they give you at the shop/mall you get it pierced however some people said go to your grocery store and buy sea salt and then mix it with warm warm and [...]

Does getting a helix piercing affect your hearing in the future?

I’ve always wanted to get my helix pierced, but I’ve heard many negativities that come with it like it can damage my hearing in the future because there are veins connecting from my helix into my inner ear which can eventually lead to hearing defects. Is this true?