Helix Piercing

Can I use a retainer to hide helix piercing?

Hi! I finally got my helix pierced and am proud of it. Sad thing is that my new job does not allow this type of piercing and requires my hair to be “professionally” done…in otherwords up and off my face exposing majority of my ears. I am sure i can hide the top of my [...]

On average, how much does a double helix piercing cost?

I want to get a double helix piercing with a spiral done in a couple of weeks, any ideas of cost? I’m going to Nottingham to get it done, if it helps.

Can a 16g helix piercing shrink to an 18g if it’s not very old?

I got a helix piercing February of last year, and the hole is 16 gauge. At the time, I didn’t know this (or anything about gauge sizes), and nearly all earrings made for helix piercings are 18g. It’s still slightly tender to the touch, but is otherwise fully healed. If I start using 18g earrings, [...]

If I get a helix piercing near the top of my ear, will it eventually close?

If I get a helix piercing near the top of my ear and it heals and I wear an earring in it for a few years, then decide I do not want the piercing anymore, will it ever close? Or will there always be a hole?

Is it possible to have a scaffold piercing with a helix piercing on one ear?

i have a helix piercing on one ear and i now want a scaffold piercing on the same ear. i know the bar for the scaffold piercing won’t go through the helix hole, but is it possible to get the piercing done underneath and if so does it really hurt? (thanks in advance)

How long should I wait until I get another Helix piercing?

I pierced my helix on my right side 1 week ago. I really want to get another piercing right below it but I’m not sure if I should let my current one heal first. I kind of want another so I don’t have to go through the healing process twice, because I’m going to get [...]

How long does it take for a helix piercing to heal?

I got my helix pieced on July 28th, and around next week I have to take it out for a few hours because I’m going to get my hair cut, and my mom doesn’t know about it. Will it have healed by the time my hair is done being cut, or will I be able [...]

How long before my helix piercing isn’t red?

I got my helix piercing 2 weeks and 4 days ago.My sister said her lobe took a month to get the redness away.I was just wondering because mine is still red.Does anybody with helix piercing experience know?Thanks

Precautions I should know before getting a helix piercing?

I know things like you are never supposed to get a helix piercing with a gun, but a needle, the needles should be clean, but what else should I be informed of before getting a helix piercing?

Whats the different between a Helix piercing and a plain cartilage piercing?

I didn’t know what a helix piercing was so I looked it up and it just looked like cartilage piercings….