Helix Piercing

What type of earrings can i use for a helix piercing?

I have a helix piercing on my ear (top cartilage) and i’m not sure what kind of earrings i can use besides normal little stud earrings. Some one please help!! Oh, it also has to be something i can find easily, not something that a model or super star would wear. PLEASE HELP

*EXACTLY* How long does it take for a helix piercing to heal?

I recently got a helix piercing on Dec. 26th, and I wash it every day with antibacterial soap. Its not really that sore anymore, but some days it hurts more than others. Sometimes it gets itchy too, and when I scratch it gently [only w/clean hands!], it starts to feel hot. Is that normal? How [...]

How long should I keep a Helix piercing in for?

I got a helix piercing last week. How long do I keep it in before I take it out to clean? How long do I keep it in before I put in a different earring?

How long do i have to wait to put rings in my Helix piercing?

Hey there, i got a Helix piercing on friday, yeah i know its TOO early, but how long would i have to wait to put some sorta ring in my helix, the person who did my ear said i have to wait a year, but why do i have to wait a year if the [...]

Can I wear a nose bone in my helix piercing?

I have a helix piercing that is an 18gauge in size. I’ve found some nose bones I really like, am I able to wear them in my helix? They’re the right length and size gauge, but I don’t wanna buy them and then they not stay in or something. Also, I don’t have my nostril [...]

After getting a helix piercing taken out, does the cartilage reseal the piercing?

I’ve just got a helix piercing and I’m not allowed it for school, I was told to keep the piercing in for 6 months but at the moment my school is doing uniform checks. It’s only been about a week since I got it so what should I do? If I take it out now [...]

what are the pros and cons of a helix piercing?

I really want to get a helix piercing, but my mom won’t let me. What are the pros and cons of a helix piercing? where are good places to get a helix piercing? How much does it usually cost? I’m 14, and a couple of my friends have them, but that’s not completely why i [...]

Is is normal for a helix piercing to feel tight or swollen?

I had my helix piercing about a month ago with a gun (yes, I know the damage is done). It has been fine for the pass month until like last week. It feels bigger than before & like swollen. If that makes sense? It this normal?

How long do i need to wait to have another helix piercing?

I had the top of my ear done (the helix cartilage) but now i want another two underneath it. How long do I have to wait another helix piercing?????

What kind of jewelery can minimize a hypertrophic scar on a helix piercing?

I had my helix pierced about a year ago. It’s fully healed but I have hypertrophic scarring around the piercing. I still have the 16 gauge bar in it that I got when it was pierced. It’s surgical steel. Would other styles of jewelery help get rid of the scarring?