Helix Piercing

How long will it take my helix piercing to heal?

I have my helix piercing for 11 months. i heard it’s supposed to heal completely by 8 months, but when I put headphones on (the big ones that go over your entire ear) it still hurts a bit. how long will it take till it stops hurting?

How much does getting a Helix piercing hurt?

I want to get a helix piercing but first i want to know if I’ll be in excrutiating pain or not. I’m not usually that bad with needles. Also, how long does it take for them to pierce the ear and put the earring in?

How long should I clean my helix piercing for?

I got a double helix piercing about a month ago. Its still a little sore but nothing too bad. Ive been cleaning it with bactine twice a day. I know it can take up to a year to fully heal but for how many months do I have to continue with the bactine? Thanks!

What is the standard gauge for a helix piercing?

Pierced my helix a little while ago, the piercing shop put a common stainless steal cbr in there. Now I want to change it out but I’m unsure what gauge to buy? Is it safe to assume 18 gauge?

How long will my forward helix piercing be sore?

I got my forward helix pierced on Saturday. It’s definitely sore! I had soreness with my septum piercing, but mostly only when I touched it. My forward helix is sore if I smile and sometimes a little sore even when it’s not being moved. How long should I expect this to last? It’s not showing [...]

What ear does a helix piercing look best on?

I’m trying to figure out what ear I want to get a helix piercing. Which looks best?

Why did my Helix Piercing start bleeding after i changed my earring?

4 months ago i got a helix piercing and the guy at the store said i could change the earring 4-6 months after getting the piercing. I recently changed the earring to a stud, two days ago. This morning when i woke up the piercing was bleeding a little so i tried to put the [...]

How much does a helix piercing cost if you get it done by a professional?

I’m planning on getting my helix pierced soon at a tattoo & piercing parlor in Oregon. Does anyone have any idea how much that might cost?

What piercing looks good with a helix piercing?

on my right ear i have my rook and conch, and on my left ear i have my helix pierced. my ear with my helix piercing looks very plain and simple, so i wanted another piercing to spice it up. except i don’t want a conch or a rook piercing because it will look really [...]

Helix piercing?

i have a 18mm helix piercing and i’m considering on stretching it to 16mm. can anyone tell me how to do it? I’m kinda lost i actually don’t know if it’s 18mm or 20mm. if it’s 20mm, i just wanna stretch it to 18mm