Industrial Piercing

What is normal for an industrial piercing?

I just got an industrial piercing 3 days ago. It doesn’t really hurt that much, and I don’t sleep on it, but when I wake up in the morning there is blood in my ear. Is this normal?

What is the best thing to clean an industrial piercing with?

Ok i got my industrial piercing about a month or 2 ago and it is grossly infected. What is the best thing i can clean it with to make the infection go away the quickest/best. Alcohal rub, poroxide, or salt water?

How do i convince my mom to let me get an industrial piercing?

Okay so basically i want an industrial piercing. I already have my right cartlidge pierced but i wanna take that out and get an industrial for my birthday. How do i convince my mom?

Im getting a piercing which kind should i get regular cartilage or industrial?

I have been wanting my cartilage pierced for the longest time, so tomorrow is my birthday and my mom is finally going to let me get one, but i cant decide between just a cartilage piercing or an industrial piercing, i heard the ind. hurts alot but i like the way it looks more, but [...]

What are some signs that could mean my industrial piercing is infected?

I got an industrial piercing 3 weeks ago and I am super paranoid it’s going to get infected… Are there any sign of infection I should look for instead of just obsessively checking a billion times a day?

How long does the industrial piercing hurt for?

I got my industrial pierced a few days ago and I understand that there should still be pain but it is intense throbbing pain. How long does this piercing take to stop hurting so much? I have studs all up and down my ears and I’ve never had an ear piercing hurt this much for [...]

Why does an industrial piercing take a while to heal?

My step-mother is always telling me that her little ring piercing has healed so my industrial should be healed too, since we got them on the same day. I always know my industrial isn’t healed I just don’t know the reason why.I know it does take a long time however.

How much does an industrial piercing hurt anyway?

I want an industrial piercing. But will it hurt? Let’s just say I am going to get one anyways, but how much does it hurt though? Personally, I can tolerate some pain, because i did a second hole myself.. but I really don’t know. Some of my friends have gotten the industrial piercing, and it’s [...]

How long is my industrial piercing supposed to hurt for?

I got the industrial piercing a week ago and its been throbbing since. i clean it daily with sea salt solution. Is it supposed to hurt and throb after a week of getting it?

How much would an industrial piercing cost?

I was thinking of getting an industrial piercing but I was wondering how much it would cost. P.S That isn’t me in my little icon thing its my little sister.