Industrial Piercing

Is an industrial piercing worth the pain?

I have about 7 piercings in my ears varying from a cartilage piercing to others just on my lobes. I really want an industrial piercing but I don’t handle pain very well.

How do I do a sea salt soak for an industrial piercing?

I just got an industrial piercing a couple days ago, My question is what is the best way to use the sea salt on it? It feels kind of awkward holding a cup up to my ear, I feel like I would spill it everywhere, is there an easier way? (Also, this piercing hurts a [...]

Would a industrial piercing get in the way of eyeglasses?

I wear glasses, and I was wondering if the ball on the top side of an industrial piercing got in the way of the arm of the glasses. Does anyone wear glasses and have an industrial? I just don’t want to get it done and have it get irritated by wearing glasses, as I need [...]

What is the procedure in getting an industrial piercing?

I am getting an industrial done tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. What is the procedure during the piercing?

How long does it take for an industrial piercing to close?

I have to take out my industrial for a show. I’ve had it for a little over two years now and it’s healed fine. I have a clear retainer being shipped to me, but in case it doesn’t make it on time, I was wondering how long it would take for it to close up? [...]

How long did it take your industrial piercing to heal?

I got an industrial piercing about two months ago. Lately it’s been a little sore and it’s still kinda crusting. I got a tragus piercing at the same time and that healed in about a month and a half and I know the industrial is suppose to take longer and I’m sure I’m just comparing [...]

How much would and industrial ear piercing cost?

For my birthday im planning to go to Tommy T’s Body Piercing and I was wondering if anyone knows about how much it costs to get an industrial piercing there..

What are some signs of an industrial piercing getting infected?

Ok so its day 4 since I got an industrial piercing. Somehow today i felt a hot sensation and pulsing in the piercing. Plus theres scum around the piercing. I cleaned it with dial soap once i got home. The problem is that it still red, pulsing, and i feel that heat sensation..What should I [...]

How do i care for my industrial piercing?

I just got an industrial piercing, and im a little confused about the aftercare. i know that i should clean it twice a day with dial antibacterial soap. however when i try and move the barbell up and down, i can’t or at least its really hard to. is that normal? should i keeping tying [...]

How much does getting an industrial ear piercing hurt?

How much does getting an industrial ear piercing hurt? Question Details:Ok, for those who do not know, an industrial piercing is two cartilage piercings. I really want to get one but I am affraid of the pain. Some people have told me it huts REALLY bad but others say it is over quickly. I am [...]