Industrial Piercing

How can I tell if my industrial piercing is infected?

My industrial piercing has bumps on it, and being stupid, I thought it was crust, and scratched the bumps. I will try to take a picture and post a link to it.. I got it about 3 weeks ago.

How do I tell if my industrial piercing is infected?

I got an industrial piercing about 2 or 3 months ago. It still hurts quite a bit if I touch it, and I have trouble sleeping on that side (I turn over on that side in my sleep and it wakes me up every now and then if I hit it). It gets crusty most [...]

How longs does it take for an industrial piercing to close up?

I have had my industrial piercing for just about 7 months. I am going to a wedding soon and my mother would like it if i would take the piercing out for the wedding. If i take it out for a few hours will it close up?

How bad does an Industrial piercing hurt?

I have my nose pierced and I have a monroe piercing. How’s the pain for an industrial? I want a new piercing, not on my face and I am leaning towards this, but am curious about the pain.

How intense is the pain for the industrial piercing?

I want an industrial piercing but I would like to know if it hurts. I have my belly button pierced, 3 holes on each ear lobe and 1 cartiledge. To me, none of my piercings hurt. How intense is the pain for the industrial from 1-10, 10 being the most painful?

How long should an industrial piercing take to heal?

So I’ve wanted an industrial piercing done for a while, and I finally got some time off work so I want to go get it. But I’m also going to Costa Rica in 2 months. I’ve heard a lot of different answers as to how long it would take to heal. But what I want [...]

How does an industrial piercing compare in pain to a tattoo or nose piercing?

I have a tattoo and a nose piercing, which I really love! They werent as bad as people say, but I recently I started getting noticing how great the industrial piercings look and decided I might get one. >.> But it seems it hurts a lot worse, then what my tattoo or nose piercing was!! [...]

How much does it cost for an industrial piercing?

I live in Virginia and was planning on going to urban x change to get an industrial piercing with the barbelle. I have gone there once to get my cartilage pierced and it was a great experience. So can you please tell me how much an industrial piercing will cost? Do they let you pick [...]

Can I get an industrial piercing a couple weeks after getting a lobe piercing?

I’m planning on getting a 3rd piercing in my earlobe this weekend. I’m hoping to get an industrial very soon as well. I was just wondering if I need to wait to get the industrial until after the lobes are healed. I know healing times for lobe piercings aren’t that long, but do I have [...]


mmkay so im 15 and wanting an industrial piercing i have a few questions that i hope will get answered 1. How much does it cost? 2. How much does it hurt ( a couple of my cousins got them done, they said it hurt and i’ve heard of people who have passed out when [...]